Thursday, July 22, 2010


Continuation of my Savannah, GA journal.....


This is the name of one of the older girls that caused quite a bit of trouble earlier in the week. Tonight Billy (one of the women leaders in the youth group) told me about when this young lady came down and said she wanted to ask Christ into her life. Billy said that she couldn't remember her name, and asked her to tell her again. Shen she told her a name different from what BIlly remembered earlier this week, she asked her why she did that. The young lady replied with saying that she told her that her name was Savage because that's what she was. Billy then took time to explain to her that she was a princess in God's eyes and showed her the love of Christ.

I remember that girl like it was yesterday...her real name is Libby. I remember all of us being so broken hearted about how she considered herself "savage". But I also remember seeing the light in her eyes after accepting the love of Jesus! Throughout the rest of the summer, this girl was totally different! While she was running away, cussing, and just being flat-out difficult to deal with before she accepted Christ....she was loving, joyful, and much more cooperative after He cleansed her of her sins! Did she have bad days? Of course, but we worked with her, and helped teach her about the Bible!
Amazing representation of what our Lord still does today!

Hope I'm not boring you guys with these Savannah posts.....haven't got any comments. :(

Feel free to comment and share awesome stories of how God has worked in your lives or how you have seen him work in others' lives!

Next post will be about another story of God turning a precious life around.....stay tuned!

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