Friday, August 27, 2010

Duties of an aunt

Late Wednesday night, my bil (brother-i-law), sil (sister-in-law), niece (18yo) and nephew (6yo) came for a quick visit. They live in Florida, and we haven't got to see them since the wedding.

This was actually my first time to be around the kiddos as an aunt to them. I knew my niece and older nephew (he stayed behind for school) before Thehubs and I even started dating due to my relationship with Thehubs' sister. Yeah, it gets confusing. But never acted as an aunt- until now! :)

Anyways, they were passing through town to take my niece to college in Nashville. I got to experience how excited and lively 18 year olds are about moving away to college. But I also saw the other side of heartache and sadness of mommy and daddy's little girl leaving them.

I absolutely loved the time I was able to spend with the entire family!!!
I'm so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws!

They are up in TN today and part of tomorrow, then passing back through to stay the night before their long trip home....this time without their daughter. :(

But she's only 3 hours from us, and I've already promised to get her on weekends if she gets a little homesick. She won't have a car, so I told her she has to hitch-hike down. lol

I am an aunt of 7....all from Thehubs side of the family. Yeah, if you know my family at all, you know it will be A WHILE until my brother makes me an aunt.
However, all 7 of the nieces and nephews live out of state.

Tennessee- 1

This was my 1st experience with any of them, actually being an aunt to them. Weird, huh?
I guess I could move on to other news....

Since they were coming to visit, I went out and finally bought some sheer curtains to hang in the doorway of our laundry room, which is in the bathroom. This has been needed since April when we moved in here.

I also bought a table cloth for our kitchen/dining room table and actually set it with my Fiesta Dishes. I LOVE IT!!

Don't you just love it?!?!?
Only $20 was spent!
$10 tablecloth and $10 on the fake fruit. Everything else I already had.

Next purchase shall be decorative art for the wall. :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hicks house news

Guess I should update on a few things that have happened in the Hicks house. (Hey, that has quite a rhyme to it!)

First of all and the most exciting thing is that Thehubs got a NEW JOB!!! That's right- no more crazy hours of selling cars all day every day! Not to mention the amount of stress he was under to make money on crap-pay and getting screamed at by the sutpid-@$$ people that worked there. Sorry for the language but can you tell I hate that place??

LOTS of prayers and applications went out for him to get out of there. You wouldn't believe how relieved we both are about it.

He is now working for a security company in Bham. His schedule did get a bit mixed up, and he was supposed to start doing security at FedEx, but for some reason he won't be able to work there until September I think (and hope).
So for now he's at a Walmart (in the GHETTO I might add) at night!

But he loves it! He's asleep right now, and I'm so ready for him to wake up bc I haven't seen him since last night! Guess that's part of him working nights. I'd much rather him do that then have to work at the hell-hole he was previously at. (No lie- it was horrible if you can't tell!)

On to more news----we are almost finished with the Dave Ramsey class at church. We've missed a few weeks, but get the point of it all. It has helped a lot, bc due to Thehubs changing jobs, we are in between paychecks and Baby Step #1 has helped us a lot this month!
Be praying for both of us as we continue to find a church home. It's tough....
We visited Valleydale, but just feel like it's so big and we're out of place. Even going to the classes there, we don't know 1 single person's name. And for me, that's not acceptable! I feel like we haven't been reached out to on a personal level.
So onward we look.....we're so ready to find a "home" if you know what I mean.

Here is some sorta random news, but I got a new family at work this week and I'm SOOO excited to work with them. One of the things DHR requested for me to work with them is home management. Now that usually consists of basic clean-up-your-house and budgeting kind of stuff. But these people have a pretty neat house, they just said that they have major organization problems. So guess who gets to help them get organized? Yep, yours truly!! I'm thrilled!!!! I think that's what I'm going to start with! They're actually pretty excited to.

I think that's about all for today. My goal this weekend is to get our apartment all cleaned (and organized) because Thehubs' brother and his family are supposed to visit in a few weeks. The guest bedroom closet is FULL of wedding gifts that still haven't been used (and I don't want to get rid of) and some computer junk. That will be my main focus!