Sunday, December 23, 2012

Catch up on EJ

Just a few random facts about little EJ and all he is now getting in to- number style. Ohhh he's a mess. We try to capture some of it on camera, but of course he stops as soon as we try. Maybe one day...

1.  The number of naps he now takes per day.

2.  The number of his books he has destroyed. So far.

3. The number of cookies, crackers, etc. he has to have at 1 time-one for his mouth, & one for each hand.

4.  The number of full-fledge-fits he probably throws per day. As in, flop back on the floor, hitting his head and everything and screaming to the top of his lungs. I just look at him and walk away....

5. The number of spankings it usually takes in a row for him to figure out he's NOT supposed to be doing something.


15. The number of wipes he can pull out of the package in a matter of seconds.

45. The number of seconds it takes for my son to figure out how to open his closet doors and take out all the clothes mommy just put up.

Other random things he's in to:

* Climbs on EVERYTHING- coffee table, high chair, couch, baby gate, etc.
* He goes running to the gate at the top of our stairs every time he hears the door open (which is at the bottom of the stairs)...especially when mommy or daddy comes home.
* He gives good ol' full open-mouth kisses. The kind that gets slobber all over your entire face. Their delicious. =)
* He hits. A lot. But it's out of excitement- so I'm not exactly sure how to make this stop.
* He loves pretty much anything you feed him. Except real fruit...guess it's a texture thing.

He melts my heart every day. Thehubs and I are so very blessed to have him as our son! He turned ONE just a little over a month ago, and I know before I blink again, I'll be planning his 2nd birthday party!

Little sister will be here very within 5-6 weeks soon!! EJ has no clue what's going on, but I know he'll be the best big brother!