Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun in the kitchen!

I have wanted to make a homemade apple pie (crust and all) since the holidays last year.
I finally got around to actually doing it!
So I bought some fresh apples (the only thing I needed) and went for it!
I used a recipe found online, but I can't find it at the moment. Oops...

Apples all cut up (and yes I had lots left over) Mistake #1 :)

I worked on the crust, and batch #1 went in the trash.....mistake #2!
Finally got batch #2 of crust to roll out and stay somewhat together.

Apples added. Mistake #3 was not putting enough apples in the pie.
Next time I'm piling it up high so it'll be all full and yummy!

So here it is- all ready to go in the oven!
Not too bad looking for a first-timer!

Sneak peak!

And the finished product!

Here are some pics of the disaster that my kitchen was in.....

My lovely apron had a tad-bit of flour on it!
In case you were wondering- it says "Mrs. Hicks -Kiss the Cook"

The flour/ crust-rolling station

Mixing/ apple area.
Note the left over apples......
They ended up ruining bc I didn't feel like fixing anything else with them. :(
Oh, and you gotta love the Kitchen Aid Mixer!
Thehubs inherited it from his dad

Now let's finish by discussing what is necessary to change for the next time around...

1. When mixing the dough, use COLD Crisco and Ice water. (I discovered this with batch #2)
2. DON'T use your hands to mix the dough. I did this both time, and that's why it was dry and didn't roll out very well. There's something about the Crisco not needing to be heated up so it won't mix into the flour completely)
3. Use wax paper when rolling out the dough.
4. MORE APPLES in the pie!
5. More people to eat it besides me! (Michael doesn't really like apple pie)

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Mitzi said...

I sure bet it tasted good! You learn alot by doing it, don't you! You will be a pro before you know it.