Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lead Me

THIS is my new favorite song!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ol' Dave

In case you were wondering, I thought I would give a quick update on THIS post.

The menu did not go exactly as planned.

Due to us going to Dave Ramsey and trying to get out of debt, my lovely husband decided that we could cut back expenses by me stop cooking such "fancy" meals. Ha ha now when I buy groceries, I get the basics: milk, cereal, bread, lunch meat, salad stuff, and diet coke.

That has been the menu for pretty much the entire month of June! And I must say- we have probably saved about $100- 150 on groceries. I don't really have proof of that, but instead of spending $100+ per week, we're only spending about $50-60.

My goal is to do the really really strict budget thing for the month of July and keep every. single. receipt. so we can see exactly what we spend our money on!

So pb&j, scrambled egg and, turkey sandwiches are pretty much what's on the menu for July! lol

But hopefully if we can stick to this, we can be completely out of debt within a year and a half, and then save to buy a house and have kids!
ha ha ha....yeah, I kinda-sorta have every detail of my life mapped out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Quick post here- but I just have to share....

Have you ever just felt defeated? You know, as a Christian, having that feeling of not being worthy of anything- not even the ability to pray openly or read the Word?

Well if so, then you can relate with me. I don't believe I have ever felt that way until here recently. And praise the Lord for revealing it to me, and showing me that it is all lies straight from the enemy.

Some of the things Satan has been filling my head with recently have been:
-Defeat and hopelessness
-I don't deserve anything
-If I don't get my way, then I deserve to be upset (SELFISHNESS)
-I'm not spiritually where I once was or where I need to be...therefore I shouldn't talk about His word, or pray for others until I get back on track

And that's just the beginning!!

This morning, I was writing in my prayer journal and was just asking God all kinds of questions....and it's so amazing how He answers in that still, small voice! He showed me that all the things I have been feeling are from Satan, and that if I just look to the Lord he will renew my strength.
The Lord has already won the battle....we should not feel defeated!
God loves us no matter what, and there is nothing in the world that we can do to make Him love us more or less!
He is always waiting, and there is nothing holding us back from his arms except for the enemy!!

Thank you, Father!!!

THIS song/ video explains it all!!! The enemy has been defeated!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So I'm watching The Bachelorette tonight, and I have laughed my head off!

I mean, Kasey (the guy that has the weird voice) SUCH A NERD!!
He was cracking me up with his random songs that were insanely corny!

Then there's the creepy weatherman! ha ha ha....I just wish he would go home! I mean, all he has done during his time with Ali has been tattle-telling on all the other guys!

My favorite is Frank! I like him.....I think they are adorable together and have thought so since their 1st date!

Just thought I'd let you all know, since my husband HATES the show, and I don't know of anybody who watches it......

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time Traveler's Wife

So I just watched "The Time Traveler's Wife" and let me just tell you....I cried!!

If you haven't seen should!

But it just got me thinking....what would my life look like-- how would I act on a day-to-day basis if I knew what was ahead of me? What if I knew how and when I or those around me would die??

I'm thinking I wouldn't argue about the stupid things or get so upset about the things that really don't matter.

So that's my goal- to live life to the fullest. Because after all....we are not promised our next breath! I want my husband to know that if and when I die that I loved him more than anything else.

Just my thoughts for the day- any why I cried like a baby watching the last 15 minutes of the movie! :)

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anniversary weekend preview

So today marks exactly 1 year since I married the man of my dreams. While this time last year I was eagerly sitting in the living room of my parents house watching guests arrive....this year I am sitting in my own living room sick! :(

Friday morning I woke up with a slightly sore throat....had 3 visits and I noticed during my visits that my voice was going in and out. (oh no)

I brushed it off, and during my full day of work, I just kept feeling worse and worse- that "ugh, I'm really getting sick feeling, but I don't want to" feeling. Get home Friday night, cook supper and I'm out stone-cold by 9:30!
Sleep till 9am Saturday with my man, and we begin our amazing weekend that we had planned...well sorta.

Long story short (I'll spare you all the details for this blog, as I am currently drugged on meds), I endured Saturday and didn't let my sickness keep us from enjoying our day together.

Wake up today, go eat lunch, and I just couldn't go on.

So here I am...on my 1st anniversary....sick...running a fever and keeping meds in my system.

My lovely husband is taking good care of me though! As I type this, he's fixing me some fries and grilled cheese for supper! I'm watching The Princess Dairies and will probably be asleep after supper again!

I'm just glad we have many many more anniversaries ahead of us, and I'm hoping I won't be sick for all of them!

I'll post pics and give details about our night out at The Melting Pot later this week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Let me just go ahead and say that I am certainly not always like I was just in an extra ambitious mood I guess!

Let's see...went to work, had 3 out of 3 visits cancelled so I got home surprisingly early around 4:30!

Sat on my booty for a few minutes, then decided to do my Biggest Loser:Cardio Max DVD so I can get skinny! :)
After that, I was all energized and decided to work on our monthly budget. Did I even mention that we attempted that for the month of May, and it went much better than anticipated. I pretty much lost track mid-month on our spending, but it kept us conscious of what we bought!
So anyways, we are on month 2 of our budget and start our Dave Ramsey classes tomorrow night at church! YAY!!!!!!!!

While I was doing the monthly budget thing, I had the urge to go ahead and map out our monthly menu. I got this bright idea from my BCM director's wife from college. Every single month she creates her entire menu and has it on a dry-erase calendar on their refrigerator. I've always been inspired by that, but never had time (or the need) to do so.

So I finally did it!!!

"So what's on the menu?" you ask? Let me just tell you a few of the amazing things I'm excited about cooking!!

Chicken casserole (classic)
Portobello Panini (From Pampered Chef)
Grilled bbq chicken wraps (random recipe from Winn Dixie I think)
Homemade Pizza (my own personal recipe)
Turkey meatball subs
Cheeseburger Hoagie Subs (Pampered Chef)
Pronto Pizza Patties (ground turkey made into patties with sauce on top)
Chicken tacos (classic)
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Taste of Home)
Chicago Style Pan Pizza (Taste of Home)
and the usual stuff such as burgers, quesidillas, and breakfast will be in the mix as well!!!

I'm totally stoked, and pretty much already have my grocery lists made for each week! Now the hard part will be staying in my $250 for my monthly budget of groceries and our $75 for the month to eat out on!!!

Wish me luck!!