Sunday, July 18, 2010

Precious little girl

Savannah (3 y/o girl that stole my heart while in Savannah, GA)
June 27, 2010

Savannah is one of the most precious little girls I've ever met! She's been in VBS this week and she has taken up with me a little bit. It broke my heart Monday when we were in class and she was ready for lunch. Then at lunch, she ate so much more than the other kids, probably because she didn't know if she would get another meal that day!! Today, she did the same thing about eating a lot. She also gets sleepy a lot, because she said that she doesn't sleep much at night time. I wonder what her home life is like?
Tonight, she came to the concert that the choir from KY put on at church. After it was over, during the extended invitation we had- she was sitting beside me and I asked her what she knew about Jesus. She began to tell me what all she knew, as I would fill in the gaps. She said "God died, so we can live." This just blessed my heart so much, because I knew even though she is only 3, she gets it....she understands, at least to some extent!
During the closing prayer, she really blessed me and I think I will never forget this moment. She just bowed her head, and started talking to God as if he were standing right in front of her. She was telling him, "Thank you for this house, and thank you for these girls." After she prayed some more, she then said "God, please let my mommy and daddy stop fighting- and help them to love. I just want them to love each other forever." Wow! A 3 year old grasped what we should be like while praying! I think I finally got the whole concept that we should come to God as little children-just like Savannah! She knew how to talk to God, and she taught me so much about prayer!

Update on Ms. Savannah. I was looking at the Savannah Baptist Center's Facebook page yesterday, and found some videos that churches have posted of their trips there. I'm almost certain that I saw her in one of the videos several times. My heart leaped for joy, because you really don't know many times I've wondered about that angel! I hope to email the director to make sure it was her and maybe get an update on her.

Next is about a teenage girl who called herself "Savage"....before meeting our Savior!!

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