Saturday, July 3, 2010


Let me just tell you- my mom and I are so much alike, it's seriously scary! Throughout my teenage years, we discovered this while shopping. We would be in the same store, but looking on different racks or something, and both say "Ohh, this is cute!" and hold up the same shirt or whatever! This still happens often!

Now, let me jump to more recently- as in TODAY!

Mom and Dad came out today to hang out with me since my hubs works ever stinkin' Saturday. So we started out and went to a very teeny- tiny flee market in Bessemer. We then went to play Disc Golf off of Green Springs Ave.

The entire time we played, every time I would throw the disc, mom would throw it within 15 feet of mine! And let's just say that we threw it A LOT because we weren't exactly pros.

So that went on for a few hours..... I'm talking, I throw it in the woods-she throws it in the woods! lol

Then we went back to my place. At this point, it's Thehubs, Mom and Dad hanging out and just talking. I get on the computer and hop on Facebook of course and start stalking people showing her different stuff. She then tells me that she wants to show me this game that she always plays at home on Yahoo. We go to yahoo, and she says oh, well it's called "bouncing balls"...find it and I'll show you. OMG.....THAT is the game I play on facebook all the time!

So we once again had a good laugh, and are still laughing about it!

Just had to write about it, because we are seriously all the time doing something just alike!

I told Michael tonight that I hope he likes my mom because that will be EXACTLY what I'm going to be like in 25 years!!

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Love Unawakened said...

lol that is adorable! Im more like my dad, but there are definitely some similairities between my mom and I! :)