Monday, July 5, 2010

30-day trial

So Thehubs and I have a deal. I'll save you all the unnecessary details and just cut to the chase...

Beginning sometime this week I will be playing Age of Conan online with an OPEN MIND. His hopes are for me to fall in love with the game, and be a regular player. Now it's a 30 day trial, because that's what you get for free when you buy the game and sign up.
If I like just absolutely love the game, then I guess we'll pay the $14.99 per month for the subscription.

Now his end of the deal is to go to the pool with me anytime I want (and not complain).
If you know us at all- you know that he is a big-time-gamer, and I'm somewhat of a girly-girl.

Therefore- the 30 days of me playing the game is going to be interesting...and the 30 days of him going to the pool with me will be even more interesting!!

After talking with some friends about our little 30-day trial tonight, I decided to blog about it.

Hopefully, you'll be hearing from me.

He showed me a few things about AOC (Age of Conan) tonight, and I must admit, that it's a little more interesting than I was expecting.

I'll try and post about the things I learned, my thoughts about it all, and our fun times at the pool!!

It's looking like a fun 30 days are ahead of us! :)

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