Friday, May 27, 2011

Old Wives' Tales

My precious Mary Kay Director gave me the book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" and in the chapter on week 15 it lists several old wives' tales.

Several of these I've heard, but others are a bit bizarre and I've never even heard of. Just thought I'd share them with you. :)

*You need calcium if you crave ice cream. (That's all the time for me! lol)
*Cold feet indicate a boy. (My feet have been the only cold part about me lately)
*A lot of heartburn means your baby will be born with a full head of hair.
*Refusing to eat the heal on a loaf of bread means you're going to have a girl.
*Dangling a wedding ring over your tummy indicates the sex of your baby.
*Your baby will be born with a hairy birthmark if you see a mouse while you're pregnant. (seriously!?!?)
*If you care out in font, it's a boy-- carrying around your middle means it's a girl.
*Eating berries causes red splotches on your baby's skin.
*If you perspire a lot, it's a girl.
*Taking a bath can hurt, or even drown, a fetus. (Although it does warn about soaking in a hot tub or spa)
*It's a girl if you crave orange juice.
*Stretching your arms over your head can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby's neck. (Guess that's what my mom did...bc I was born w/it wrapped around my neck)
*If you carry high, it's a boy-- carrying low means it's a girl.
*Dry hands means you're going to have a boy.
*Craving greasy foods means your labor will be short.
*Craving spinach signifies you need iron.
*Your baby will be cross-eyed if you wear high heels. (Oh no, my child has no hope!)
*Your moods during pregnancy affect your baby's personality--even if you try to remain calm at all times, it doesn't mean your baby will be mellow. (This makes no sense)
*Using various techniques or substances will start labor. Do not try to induce labor by walking, exercising, drinking castor oil, going on a bumpy ride, using laxatives or having sex. (And I've heard of all of those....especially the walking one!) you have any more old wives' tales that weren't included in this crazy list? What are your favorites? Any that turned out to be true for you???

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby Doctor!

Well we went to the baby doctor today!!!

Here's what we found out.

Heart-rate is between 150-160 now..and in the nurse's words "He's barking like a dog" haha

Not sure if she meant to say "he" or what, but that's what I'm banking on!! Have I mentioned that I want a boy so I can be a baseball mom....and Thehubs wants a girl to spoil rotten! :)

Anyways, I saw a different doctor than my primary, and I really liked her too! (Actually a little better than my doc!)

I'm down to 126 lbs, which is less than I've weighed in years. I've lost a total of 5lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy, but they're not worried at all. Dr says I'll start gaining soon...and I'm sure that's the truth!
I guess all the vomiting I've been doing has been taking away the pounds while BabyHicks keeps growing.

She said I'm measuring great, and that I should start feeling little fluttery movements pretty soon.

I thought I felt something this morning while laying in bed, but wasn't sure.....

We go back in 4 weeks- June 21st at 2pm to do the ultrasound! We're so excited, as this will be our 1st time even seeing our baby, PLUS we'll find out if we're having a boy or a girl!!

We've just now (as in today) started talking about names! I'm super excited, but yet a bit stressed about deciding on a name, as it pretty much determines our child's destiny in life. It's a much bitter deal that I ever thought...

Ok, so here's my baby bump at 14 weeks and 5 days. This is the 1st picture I've taken, so I really have nothing to compare to before now...oh well, maybe I can keep up my updates and weekly pics of our pride and joy growing in mommy's belly!!

And yes, I cut off my head due to looking pretty rough today.... =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

14 week update!

Ok, so I'll go ahead and admit that I stole this from my cousin's wife. I've been wanting to update about my pregnancy progress, but haven't been sure of the details everybody wants....and just really haven't taken the time to do so. :)

So here goes. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up each week.

How far along: 14 weeks and 3 days to be exact.

Size of baby: I believe we're at a fist size right now

Total weight gain: Not so sure. At last months checkup, I had actually lost a few pounds. I'm thinking (and my clothes confirm) that I've put on a few pounds this month. We'll find out Tuesday.

Maternity clothes: I have broken out a few things. Thankfully, a lady from church gave me 3 huge totes of maternity clothes. Otherwise, I'd just be wearing dresses and skirts all the time-which is what I often do anyways. On a sad note, she was apparently MUCH THINNER than me....and the maternity clothes are sizes XS and 2 and 3. I never even knew those sizes existed! But as of now, they fit with my little baby bump, but I have a feeling I'll be having to buy things of my own within the next few months.

Gender: Not sure. I want a boy-Thehubs wants a girl. But of course, it really doesn't matter. We will find out the gender on/around June 21st!

Movement: None yet....although my What to Expect book says that there's movement going on, but I just might not be recognizing it as a 1st time mom. We'll see...

Sleep: Yes please!!! I take naps often, and get at least 8-10 hours per night! Sometimes more!!!

What I miss: Feeling good!! It's been driving me crazy that I'm still so drained and nauseous. Now, it has improved greatly over the past few weeks, but I'm still just wiped out all the time.

Cravings: Sour candy. That's been about the only "weird" thing I've noticed so far.

Symptoms: The 1st symptom I had was breast tenderness!!! I actually experienced that for about a week or 2 before we found out we were pregnant! And it has certainly not gotten any better! Nausea, vomiting (ever. single. time. I brush my teeth!), fatigue.....and crying at the drop of a hat!

Food aversions: I really haven't been a fan of peanut butter....and I absolutely hate the smell of chicken cooking-therefore I really haven't ate any unless it's at a restaurant. Also, chewing gum...which used to be a favorite of mine! And of course toothpaste....although that's really not a "food"

Milestones: Well, I guess making it out of the 1st trimester would be good! Now if I could just brush my teeth w/out losing my breakfast!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

In a rut

Do you ever just get in little ruts??
Well let me just be real with you for a minute...I'm in a rut. A Spiritual rut- big time.

You see, back in January, things were going great. I was growing so much spiritually, and the Lord was teaching me new things everyday.
This lasted probably until about March, and then a gradual decrease in my obedience and time committed to the Lord took place.

To be honest, I've only read my Bible once in probably the past month...and that was probably out of obligation rather than love for my Savior.

What changed? Well, just a few things immediately come to mind.
1. I stopped having a morning routine of immediately spending time with Jesus before doing anything else.
2. I stopped journaling during the times I was spending in the Word.
3. I stopped dedicating time to prayer...

And yes, those 3 things alone have brought me to where I am today.
I'm ashamed to say that I've almost avoided reading verses on Facebook and from text messages. Because, I knew conviction would come...
I just wanted to do things myself...
Even as I write this blog, I'm not quite broken to the point I know I need to be...I know in my head where I need to be, but my spirit isn't broken...

Something I've certainly noticed especially throughout the past several weeks is that I strongly believe that there is a DIRECT CORRELATION between being spiritually mature/growing and having joy and motivation to be the wife/woman God wants me to be.

Since my growth has stopped, I have stopped encouraging my husband as I should, I stopped managing my home as I once did, I became almost lethargic....pretty much, my overall attitude and motivation was gone.
(some of that may have been contributed to the 1st trimester of pregnancy, but I contribute it completely to my lack of spiritual growth...)

Also, my job has suffered. You can ask anybody that I work with that during the month of April, I was totally not there. I had very little motivation to teach my clients the skills they needed to know, I was behind on paperwork the entire month, and I even failed to do other tasks that are required, and which I normally have no probably doing.

Thankfully, my job is amazing, and my boss totally understands that it was just a down-month for me. I've promised that May will be much better.
And is has been so far. But I think that's just mainly because I have realized that I've been in a rut, and I'm trying to dig myself out of it.

But you see, I can't do anything on my own. I know this, but I'm stubborn....and still try alone.

I need time with my Jesus. I need to go broken before him.
I know He is waiting, and He will begin speaking once again as soon as I return.

I've just got to give it all up again...and again....and again....
Luke 9:23