Sunday, December 6, 2009

Church day

I feel the need to apologize for my griping post about the high school immaturity .....I was just a tad upset. It's really not like me to gripe like that at all...much less to the entire world of bloggers. Our neighbors did end up telling us they saw who did it, which was exactly who I thought.
I'm just glad we found out for sure who it was. Michael gets worried about stuff like that because of the field I work in. He's always scared one of my clients is going to get mad at me or could they ever get mad at ME, right?!?! All I do is intrude into their lives twice a week, and help them get DHR OUT of their lives!!!

Ok, that was totally not the reason I posted. But this is.....

This morning we went to church again, which was very refreshing! We haven't been able to go regularly lately due to the family reunion, visiting my parents, and being sick. But we went today! After church, they made the announcement about the couples' retreat that the pastor and his wife are doing in January, and they said that there were only 3 spots left. So I looked at Michael and said "Do you want to go to that? I really think we should go." And of course he says "Whatever you want, babe." So I say "Yeah, we need to go."

So we signed up!!! I'm really excited, and we both think this will help us get to know everybody more. Yes, I know we'll be nervous, as we don't really know many people right now....but I just know that God has something for us, and that we'll have a blast!

It's so hard to get back into a routine of being totally involved in church when you've been out for a while. This is the 1st time in my life this has ever happened, and my relationship with God has struggled because of it. I know God has great plans for us, and that he desires for us to serve Him not only in our daily lives, but in the church as well.

Can't wait to see where He leads!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bham News

So I wrote a few months ago and said that our wedding would be featured in the Bham news at the beginning of 2010. However, I just got an email from the lady and she said it would be running on December 20th!!!! Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up!!!!!! I'm THRILLED, and so should you!

Guess that can be a Christmas gift along with wedding pics! =)