Thursday, September 15, 2011


And so it begins.....while these past few months will be probably the slowest of my life waiting on BabyE to get here, I feel like with so much going on they will fly by at the same time.

And so the countdown begins...

3 days-- my 1st shower (B-ham)

6 days-- Thehubs & I go see Les Miserables (Not exactly baby related, but I'm excited!)

1 week, 2 days-- Thehubs & I attend our "Preparing for Parenting" class

2 weeks 3 days-- my 2nd shower (J-town)

2 weeks 6 days-- Thehubs & I attend the Breastfeeding class

3 weeks(ish)-- MATERNITY PICS :)

4 weeks 3 days-- 3rd & final shower (church)

6 weeks 4 days-- Halloween (I'll probably be painting my stomach like a pumpkin) haha

and in 9 weeks-- BabyE's due date will be here!!!!! 

So, nothing really will be going on from mid-October until he gets here. So I know those last 3-4 weeks will just creep by. 
Hoping he's a good boy and acts like he's supposed to, and doesn't give mommy too much problems between now and then. 

In nursery news: 
* His baby bed will be arriving Monday!
* My aunt has finished the bumper pad and will soon have the dust ruffle finished!
* Dresser/ night stand is being purchased & will be painted black to match the bed. 
* I feel extremely behind on the whole room-decor stuff, but it'll be done within the next month. Just in time for his arrival!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

ABC's of ME

I got this over at Sparing Change and thought it'd be fun to do one for myself! =)

A – Age.  24
B – Bed Size.  Full....and oh do Thehubs & I talk every night about how we can't wait to get a queen!
C – Chore I dislike.  Cleaning the shower. Really, i'll do anything else but I HATE doing that...something about having to scrub and bed over and get soaking wet.
D – Dogs.  Thehubs & I just have a cat for now. A dog will certainly come whenever we get a house.
E – Essential start to my day.  Bathroom!!! Especially since I'll all preggers...
F – Favorite Colors.  Purple has always been my favorite, but of course Red is right up there thanks to me being a HUGE Bama fan!
G – Gold or silver?  Silver
H – Height.  5'2"
I – Instruments I play(ed).  Piano. I took lessons up until I graduated high school. Sadly though, I haven't played (regularly) in almost 3 years. Once again, when Thehubs & I get a house, I'll have my piano there and can begin playing again..needless to say I'm a bit rusty!
J – Job title.  FOCUS Specialist II if you want to be specific....
K – Kids.  Well, BabyE will be arriving within the next 10-12 weeks hopefully!!
L – Live.  Apartment life for the moment. I've almost forgotten what it's like to not have neighbors all around.
M - Money tip I like best. Having an "emergency fund" of $1, has saved Thehubs & I on several occasions. However, it seems harder to get it to that amount that it is to spend it. lol
N – Never plan to…  go further into debt...ugh I hate debt.
O – Overnight hospital stays.  just one when I had jaw surgery in high school. Can't wait for my next overnight stay...having BabyE!!
P - Pet Peeves.  Oh where do I begin?? Leaving cabinet doors/drawers open, unpainted toenails, driving in the rain w/out your lights on. Those are my big ones....
Q - Quote from a movie.  "I'll love you 'till the end" -PS I Love you (technically, it's in the song, but oh well)
R – Righty or lefty?  Righty
S - Siblings.  one older brother. Unless you count my 2 sisters-in-law & 2 brothers-in-law...
T - Time I wake up. haha....thanks to my lovely job, most of the time it's around 8 or 9. I don't have a set time to be anywhere unless there's a meeting!
U – Underwear.  comfy cotton please...unless I'm trying to impress TheHubs. haha
V - Vegetables I don’t like.  any kind of peas or beans....
W – What makes me run late.  my hair....or Thehubs if he's coming along. He tends to take longer getting ready than I do!
X – X-rays I’ve had.  mouth, left arm, right shoulder, ankles....I think that's all.
Y – Yummy food I make.  Hmm....Thehubs is on a kick of wanting me to fix homemade muffins all the time. I'ld like to say that I make amazing chocolate chip cookies....and homemade apple pie. But maybe that's just bc those are classics that I've tried to perfect...
Z – Zoo animals I like.  Monkeys are usually the most entertaining. But I like the elephants too...

Do you have a blog?  If you do, consider yourself tagged!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

Ok ladies (and gents, if you're reading too) one thing I've learned within the past few days is that "pregnancy brain" is legit!! explains it like this:

Forgetfulness: Welcome to mommy (to-be) brain — a condition that’s a result of shrinking brain-cell volume in the third trimester (don’t worry — your brain cells go back to normal a few months after delivery). Don’t stress out about your foggy memory (stress just makes it worse). Write things down (or program them into your smart phone) and delegate responsibility (if possible).

So, apparently my brain cells are shrinking (as if they had room to strink)- but I am not to worry because i'l be back to "normal" after deliver....what exactly is "normal" anyways??

Just in the past 2 days, I have burnt 2 grilled cheese and a loaf of french bread. When I say "burnt" I mean, BLACK, no need to even try and save it...

The french bread burning just occurred, and it has our apartment so smoked up, I'm extremely surprised we don't have the smoke alarm going off with the fire department on their way. Windows and doors are open, but I have a feeling it's going to be a while before returning to "normal." (there's that word again) haha

So I'll try not to let my pregnancy-brain get to me too much, and follow the advice of wte by writing things down. But must I write down "don't forget you have the oven on BROIL" or "your grilled cheese will burn if you forget about it..."?!?!?!
Maybe just setting alarms will help.....who knows?!?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Life ends so quickly. I've been reminded of that yet again today...

As I walked in the door from work, Thehubs informed me that Debbie Vines had been found dead in her office at school from a heart attack. Ms. Vines wasn't just somebody I knew from high school as the bookkeeper, but a lifelong friend of my family.
* My mom and her side of the family have known her forever it seems...
* I baby sat her grandchildren while in high school
* I was her office aide throughout high school
* She went to my church growing up
* She was in my mom's sunday school class

I think that's all the roles she's had in my life....

Good news is that I was able to see her just about 2 weeks ago when Thehubs & I went to church w/my parents....she was as cheerful and happy as ever.

I know so many are hurting much more than I am, and that's what I hurt for. Her husband, her precious 6 year old granddaughter whom she was raising....her other grandchildren....her children and other family members. I just can't imagine.

I just pray for comfort...for God to wrap His arms of love and tenderness around them. For strength to get through each day. For God's grace and mercy to overwhelm them beyond measure...
I know he is still in control and that this did not catch Him off guard. It's all in His plan, and He will continue to be God despite us feeling like life is spinning out of control.

Please say a prayer for this family....Life is a vapor- we are here one minute and gone the next....
Ms. Vines is yet another reminder of that.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Love of Space Bags!

This weekend has probably been one of the most productive weekends I've had as far as getting things ready for Mr.Baby.

We have purchased the fabric for his bedding and curtains. Houndstooth for the bumper pad, and red w/white polka dots for the dust ruffle & curtain valance! It's going to be so stinkin' cute!!!!!! I can't wait to see the finished product of everything, and I know my aunt will do a fantastic job of making everything!

His room has been officially cleaned out completely! Mom came today and helped me get pretty much my entire apartment organized!

**This happened while Thehubs & dad went to Atlanta for a Braves game. I think us ladies need a fun day after all our hard work. Well Mom did most of the hard work, but I feel like I helped a lot! :)**

We purchased a shelf for our storage room, and was able to put a lot more stuff out there that was in Mr.Baby's room. Space Bags were also bought, and with the first bag filled and vacuumed out, Mom & I both were in love! Those things are absolutely amazing!

Here's what we put in several bags:
*A complete queen bed-in-a-bag set
*2 pillows and several blankets
*My summer clothes all fit in 1 "large" bag
* Other random clothes of Thehubs (i.e. ski pants, work pants, etc.)

We've got to purchase some more, because I plan to put a ton of towels in one of them. We have towels that we use daily, and then a basket full of rolled-up-pretty towels for guests and stuff....then we've had 2 shelves in our laundry room full of extra towels that are never-ever used. Therefore, with Mr. Space Bag's help, we can condense the size and have lots more storage room in the laundry room!!! AMAZING!!!

All that's left to do is buy some furniture for the baby room, considering all that's left in there is Thehub's computer desk. I think I'm going to let him keep it in there unless it's too cluttered w/the other furniture.

Pictures will be coming soon of our newly organized apartment! Hoping to do some re-arranging in the living room tomorrow, and possibly paint our end table and coffee table black to match everything else, and make them look newer.

Needless to say, Thehub's honey-do list is going to be never ending for a very long time!!!