Friday, March 18, 2011

5 question friday!

1. Have you ever testified in court? For what?
No....thankfully! I was scared that by going into social work I would have to testify a lot for various cases. However, one of the rules that my job has is that we CAN'T testify in court! :) I'm very grateful for that rule!

2. Do you still have your wedding dress?
YES I DO!!!! It hasn't even been 2 years since the big day, and it's still hanging up in the closet. I've had good intentions to have it cleaned and boxed up, but something about that costing around $200 has prevented that from happening!

3. Is there a special place you like to go when you're happy, sad, stressed, etc.?
I like to go to bed when I'm sad or stressed! Yes, sleep becomes my best friend! Otherwise, for all of the happy emotions, I love to be outside walking or at a park! And Thehubs hates being outside, so I always have be bribe him to go with me! =)

4. If you have kids, do they sleep with you? If you don't have kids...will you let your kids sleep with you when/if you have them?
No kids here...yet, anyways. But I've always said I would NEVER let them sleep with me...I'm just hoping I can stick with that commitment, because I know it's harder than it sounds!

5. Do you watch late night TV?
Very rarely....I'm usually in bed by around 9:30 or 10....11 is LATE for me! And if I am awake, I'm catching up on my recorded shows.

Monday, March 14, 2011

busy times

This weekend was probably one of the busiest we've had in a WHILE!

Friday, I worked all day and then went to my parent's house while Thehubs worked Fri night.

Mom and I worked most of the day Saturday cleaning an empty lakehouse/castle.

When I say "cleaning" I mean scrubbing walls, baseboards, ceiling fans, windows, and more walls..... pretty much trying to get the foreclosed home look brand new.

Sunday was church and hanging out w/ the parents. Thehubs was able to come in Sunday morning after work, so that made me happy!

Thehubs helped my dad work Sunday and today to put down some new flooring in the downstairs of my parent's house. They got a lot of the tedious stuff done... at least that's what they say. lol

Dad's deadline is Saturday at 3pm bc that's my Mary Kay Debut!!! =)

Mom and I went back to the lakehouse/castle today and worked all day......we're still not finished. lol

Needless to say, I'm exhausted!! But I wouldn't have traded it for the world! I love my parents, and I love that Thehubs loves my parents too!!! He asks to go see them more than I do! =)

Now time for a busy work week...I'm hoping to get a lot of Mary Kay work in too!!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Madness!!!

Ready for some Mary Kay March Madness?!?!?!

Want to win $50 of Mary Kay product?!?!?

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

new favorite thing


A peanut-butter like creaminess filled with a chocolatey flavor....

Enough said.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed-- in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trupet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality.....

THIS SONG is one of my favorites in regards to Christ's return. It goes right along with this scripture. (I want this sung at my funeral one day by the way.)

But let's not forget about verse 58's our responsibility!

Therefore my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

1 Corintians 15: 51-53, 58

Friday, March 4, 2011

5 question FRIDAY!

Never EVER done 5 question Friday here goes!!!

1. Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school?
No kiddo's here yet....but I probably will one day...

And I do possibly remember my parents leaving me at church a time or two. and not realizing it until they got home... lol

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Like...first first, not first with your spouse or current significant other!)
Gosh, that's been a while....I think I just went to dinner and the movies (Cobb 4 that is) in the big J-town! =)

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water and heights.)
Definitely escalators and getting stuck in them or sucked up...

4. Confrontation: do you cause it, deal with is as it comes, or run far far away?
So, yeah...I TEACH conflict resolution resolution skills to my clients and talk about how important it is to discuss conflicts and have them resolved, HOWEVER, I HATE confrontation and conflict all together....

5. Wood floors or carpet?
I prefer carpet...I learned while in college, living in a house with nothing but wood floors, that I HATE it!!! Dust gets everywhere, and you never feel like it's clean.

p.s. this answer may be different when we have kids and have to clean up spills all of the time!

Happy Weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Since I don't have facebook, I must post my would-be status for the night....

I THOUGHT about and was even dressed to work out.... then realized I hadn't ate supper yet. Sooo, it's late night left over pizza and watching TV in my pj's instead! =)

That counts, right?!?!?