Monday, March 2, 2009

Change in plans

Well, I guess you could say I had an extremely relaxing weekend, and the snow couldn't have made it any better! Saturday I woke up around 11, which was amazing, and stayed in my pjs pretty much all day! I worked on guests lists for all my teas and tried to get addresses for them all. I also looked up plane tickets to st. lucia (our honeymoon destination) and realized that we would need $3,800 to pay off our honeymoon and get plane tickets! That didn't include the $200 we need for passports. To make a long story short, I had a breakdown of realization that there was no way we could get that much money in 2 that meant we weren't going to St. Lucia! :( The good news to that story is that we are booking a 5 day cruise this week. It leaves out in the 8th of June (Which is when we were flying to st. lucia) and goes to mexico and somewhere else.... It's MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper than St. Lucia which means we can breath a little easier! We're both so excited, and thank GOD for this opportunity!
Sunday was a great day with the snow! Michael and I pretty much stayed inside all day, I worked on the 1,000 piece puzzle we have, and he painted his warhammer game pieces.
This is a new week....a new day, and a glorious one at that! I've decided I'm not letting things get to me. Thanks to all those encouraging, and especially those that commented on the last blog. You don't realize how much that helps!
I guess I'd better get to "work"...

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