Thursday, March 12, 2009

fun day

Today was my first day of doing stuff all by myself! It was fun! This morning, I met with some parents, and offered them some counseling for them and their son. That went pretty well. I have watched Dorann (my supervisor...which is pronounced "door-ran") do these types of meetings several times, and I finally got to do one alone! YAY!!!! The reason she wasn't able to attend was bc she had to attend court regarding a hearing for a parent that we had prosecuted due to the fact that her kids are never in school1 (p.s. SEND YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL!) The lady got locked up earlier this week, out on bail, and didn't show for court....go figure!
Well, I went to lunch with Dorann and another lady we work with a lot, Barbara. We ate Chinese (yuck!) but I like eating with them, bc I always learn about things I feel I should know. So it was fun. Well, on the way back from lunch, Dorann was talking about what she was going to teach the kids at the Juvenile Detention Center tonight (she does group sessions twice a week there). Well, we got to talking about it, and I mentioned that I would like to lead a group pretty much she was like "ok, the stuff is in the can do it tonight!" I was a little thrown off by this, but gladly found a lesson and taught my very first group "counseling" session tonight! We gave the kids (only 14 of them tonight...usually lots more) some M&M's and I talked about how each M&M is different, as are we humans. One guy told me I was beautiful.....then about 10 minutes later he was like "Oh, I didn't see that!" and pointed to my ring. I thought that was pretty funny! Another one of the guys said that it was a really good group session, so that made me feel good!
Those kids are all there for different reasons. One guy is there because he got caught with weed in his system. He was telling me that he has smoked everyday for the past 5 months. You can tell, bc he doesn't make sense when he talks..his brain is seriously fried! The sad thing is that he's only 15! It's crazy! One of the girls there just got put in because of a probation delinquency, which could be one of a thousand different things. The court was about to send her to boot camp or something, but she tested positive for a pregnancy test today. Dorann said she's been trying to get pregnant for like 2's sad to say that, but it's so true that you have teenagers out there who are TRYING to get pregnant! Kids raising kids......yeah that's what our world is. But these kids need so much! They need someone to love them, to tell them about our Jesus!
I like going there, and pray opportunities come open in the future for some kind of ministry's so needed! There, and our prisons!! (that's another story!)
I'll leave you with that.


Doe said...

oh my gosh, that's so awesome that you got to do that! yay! i'm so happy for you! :)

Crystal Odom said...

That sounds like it was really amazing. One of my favorite parts of my job is interacting with the kids. I feel like we get to have a greater influence on them than most people with our jobs because the kids respond better to us because we are young. They definately think that we would understand us better and so they tell us more. I'm so happy for you that you are getting to do something that you love. God is definately going to use you in a big way!

The Tuggles said...

That is awesome. You are absolutely perfect for that job, and God is going to use you in BIG ways....sounds like He already is. Love ya!