Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend, YAY!

Well, it's Friday, and I'm SOO happy about that! This week has been wonderful at times, but also has been filled with some crazy emotions. For obvious reasons, I can't really write every detail of my ups and downs, but a long story short...I've been hurt, disapointed, and lost trust in several people I've been close to throughtout my life. If you think this is you....I'm sorry, I just can't handle it anymore. I've let go of a lot of things.....a lot of people. I've realized that the Lord has plans different from my own, and all I want to do is follow after him! I'm SO SO SO very thankful for those that encourage me each day and keep me going! That would me Michael, my mom, and 3 lovely girls who have become my dearest know who you are! :)
It seems that just when I sit down and read my Bible in the mornings, and step out my bedroom door, Satan starts right then throwing darts at me, trying to make me fall in any way he can. My prayer everyday is that the Lord will help live in me and live through me as I go to work and everywhere else.
Ok, so on to something else....
Wedding plans are driving me crazy right now. I mean, I'm so ready for June 6th to get here, I can taste it! I have all these things floating around in my head, and on a few to-do lists, and I can't really do anything until: A. Spring Break or B. I get some more money. So pretty much, I am learning patience! We get to meet with the potential DJ next weekend and I'm pretty excited about that. Engagement pictures are coming up, and we are getting our passports, rings sized, and ordering invitations all on the same day, so that should be fun....oh, AND I have a family reunion type thing at my house that day. I hope we can get it all done!
Also, I'm waiting on 7 out of 9 bridesmaids to pay me for the material so we can order that, and get their dresses made. I'm still looking for flowers and stuff for the front porch decorations, have no jewlery, no groomsmen gifts, haven't ordered wedding favors, haven't talked with Diane Wilson, which is doing my cake and flowers, haven't ordered my veil, don't know what shoes my bridesmaids are wearing, haven't ordered organza for the reception, haven't competely decided on centerpieces, don't have plane tickets, haven't paid off the honeymoon, and STILL don't know when my bridal tea is......
(BIG SIGH....)
But that's ok, I know it will all get done. If you know me at all, you know I'm an organized person, and I have it all under control.....well sorta! I think that's about all the wedding talk I can scrape up for now. The bottom line of the story is that I love Michael so much, I love being with him, and we're both so ready to marry each other!
I guess I could wrap this up by saying that I'm excited about the weekend.....doing absolutely nothing tonight or tomorrow, and seeing Michael's mom and aunt on Sunday, and going to lunch with them. :) How exciting!


Doe said...

you'll get through it all, girl! i have no clue what wedding planning is all about, but i know it'll all be worth it once you walk down that aisle to marry the man of your dreams. and it's going to be beautiful! Psalm 71 :)

and PS-you're a blessing to me too.

Crystal Odom said...

It is definately worth the stress. That day is one that you will remember forever. Just try to slow down and enjoy this time!