Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy busy busy

I went home this weekend for a whirlwind of 3 days! Friday, I was able to leave my "work" at like 2:00 because the student I was going to meet with checked out of school early! YAY! anybody else would do, I wrote off that I was there until 4, and headed on my way to Jasper! I got there the same time my daddy got home from work, and we then went out to eat with Valerie and Jason at Cabos San Lucas! Yum Yum!! That's always fun, because they just love to pick on me about getting married and the honeymoon and everything like that! (as does everybody else in my life right now!)
Well....Saturday, I had the opportunity to play the keyboard and lead worship at a women's brunch thing at my Aunt Debra's church. Mom and I went to that, then we just HAD to go to Belk to get me some shirts. After I got home Friday night, I realized that I had only brought my pants for the weekend, because I was doing laundry and forgot to get my shirts out of the laundry basket after I washed I'm crazy. But that's ok, but it gave me a reason to get 2 really really cute new tops! LOVE THEM! And thanks to mom, they were free to me!
So once we finally got home, the lovely Wilson family was at the house. Rod, Tina and their two adorable boys (ages 2 and 4) were there, and stayed for a while. They left, I had a horrible migraine headache (as I've had lots of lately) and so I took a 3 hour nap...only to wake up with it hurting worse! I then had a mental breakdown with mom, and cried quite a bit, because I hate having headaches like than, and I've had them pretty much everyday, all day for about 2 or 3 weeks! She convinced me it was stress....who would have thought?!? I mean, all I have going on right now is job hunting, getting ready to graduate, planning a wedding, caring for a fiance who lost a dear friend, internship, did I mention planning a wedding??....and ordinary daily stuff on top of that....needless to say, I guess I'd been stressed. So that night, (after going over to Rod and Tina's house, and playing with the boys some more...) I spent some time in the word, actually doint my Beth Moore study, and listening to the Lord assure me that He is in control whether I worry about something or not!
I woke up Sunday morning feeling more refreshed than I have in a LONG time!!! My cousin's wife, Cherish had her baby shower at my grandmother's house that afternoon, so that was fun seeing my entire family and having everybody say "it's getting close...when is your showers....I'd better get an invitation!" And my response was always "Yeah, I can't wait!....April 26th....Oh, you will!" (hoping that mom had them on the guest list, bc I had no clue what their name was!)
Now, today is Monday....I've still decided that I had just better let God be in control. It's so easy to say, but so difficult to do. I did have a headache earlier, but i popped an Excedrin before it got really bad. Maybe they'll go away soon!
Michael is home sick, so that's sad....I guess I'll have to go play "dr" after work, and hope I don't get whatever it is he has....he sounds horrible!!
Hamburgers tonight.....that's always easy! And hopefully the Redbox in Calera will have something worth watching!! I'm never good at picking out that stuff!
Oh yeah...I'm mailing applications in for 3 different jobs today! One to Glenwood, Inc in bham. It's a Family and Child specialist position......and there's a Family and child specialist position at Gateway too! The 3rd one is at Shelby Emergency Assistance in Montevallo!!! I'll be following up on them later this hopefully I'll be posting about landing an interview soon!!!!!!

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