Monday, April 13, 2009

Need to breath!

I'm so ready to have time to relax! I mean, I know my life isn't as crazy as others, but it seems like I never get a chance to just sit and read, or watch tv, or take a walk, or ride my bike....or any of those things that I used to do ALL the time! I have 26 days until I become a college graduate, and 55 days until I become MRS HICKS! And all of this has really been hitting me here lately!!! I applied for that job at Glenwood (which is really with the Alliance and Gateway) and I also interviewed last week....however I haven't felt the peace that I was hoping to feel about it. I was extremely excited just to have an interview, but I think afterwards I have just felt a sense of fear and I don't know what to do if they offer me the job. That will be the hard part...I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I did feel better about it last night and today that I have the whole time. I've done A LOT of praying, trusting God, and waiting on the phone call. Of course if they don't offer me the job, my part is easy.....I just say "Ok, thank you" and begin the search again! ........soooo I wrote all of the stuff previous to this on Monday, and didn't ever get a chance to finish. Since my supervisor is out today, and I have a whole bunch of NOTHING to do, I thought I would finish writing! It's funny how things can change in just a few days! I got a call yesterday from the recruiter from Gateway, and she was telling me that she received my resume and asked if I would be interested in a job with their program called FOCUS. It's a program designed to offer intervention services to families in when DHR gets involved and the parents just need help getting on track, or they just need some type of family intervention....that's what I would do. I told her that sounds perfect for what I'm looking for....and it's so true!! (ANYTHING is perfect and what I'm looking for right now!) But anyways, I talked with her for about 10 minutes, and she said that they would hopefully contact me soon to come in for an interview for that job. There is also ANOTHER job with Gateway that's a Consumer Credit Counselor. Pretty much I'd just be providing financial counseling to people and maybe doing classes and stuff about how to manage your finances. I think I'd REALLY like this one too....therefore, I'm sending in my application and resume today! YAY! I'll follow up on both jobs next week, and see where they go. I just really have a peace about everything. As scary as it is at times, not knowing what lies's also extremely comforting to know that God already knows, so I shouldn't worry! When we worry, it's like telling him that we don't think he can take care of it! (what a blow to our creator!!) ....just a thought
So I wanted to post pictures from Easter on here, and I might later on...just don't have my camera cord here at work with me. I'll try and post them sometime soon. ANYWAYS, I have pictures of the adorable dog my parents go, his name is officially Musso (I think that's how it is spelled) but he's named after some Alabama football star from the 70s...go figure, my dad is an Alabama freak!!! But the dog is so cute, and lovable.......I think he's going to be mom's dog more than dad's though. For real, when I got there Friday, she was outside and I was like, "what are you doing" and she said "I'm going to go play with the puppy!" so she layed down on the ground and just let him roll all over was pretty cute! Then like an hour later she was about to go back outside....just to check on him! I haven't seen my mom so excited about a dog (other than Lucy) since like EVER!!

Ok, on the other hand of things.....I get to go to the beach this weekend! I'm extremely excited!! It's a birthday/bachelorette/ just get away with the girls trip!!! My birthday is tomorrow, and Michael is taking me out to eat at my absolute favorite restaurant Macaroni Grill...he hates the place, but I love it!! I think he's taking me shopping to...not sure, but that's the way the hints are pointing! :) back to the beach trip! Ashley, Lauren, Doerun and I are leaving Friday and heading to Orange Beach! I'm so excited because A. I haven't been to the beach in about 2 years! and B. I haven't been on a weekend trip with these girls EVER and C. I just need to get know I need to breath!!

On a more random note, I saw a herd of buffallo today on my way to work. Right there in a pasture on the road coming into Columbiana....I didn't really know Buffallo lived in Alabama...guess I was wrong!!


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