Sunday, April 5, 2009

another week down....

Well, today was church day...Sunday! Ashley met Michael and I there at Calera Baptist, and they had pretty much an Easter worship service. (more like a palm sunday service I guess.) I must say....the Lord showed up and He was lifted high!!! I haven't been that excited about singing praises to our God in so long! I felt like screaming and shouting at some points! Especially while singing The Revelation Song, where it ways "Clothed in rainbow, of living color, flashes of lightening, rolls of thunder. Blessing and honor, strength and glory and power be, to You the only wise king!" (wow!) If you have never heard that song....listen to it HERE!!! The power of the Almighty One reigned down!
Well, as you all know, as soon as you feel so close to the Lord and are ready to just forsake all other, and live for him....Satan is right there to bring you down! There were just a few things that happened that got me in a tizzy today regarding the wedding, but with the help of my mom, maid of honor, Valerie, and especially my lovely's all getting worked out!!!
I have a BIG week ahead of me: address and mail tea inviations, Class presentation, job interview, pick up my wedding dress.....ect. ect!!! Not to mention, girls night on Wednesday.....we're going to the dollar theather (I've never been!)
Well, hope you all have a great's almost summer!

P.S. 2 months till our wedding!!!!!!!!!

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