Friday, February 20, 2009

life of a Social Work intern!

So, today was a wonderful but crazy day at "work"....which is really my internship, which is technically called my Social Work practicum, but I call it "work" :)
I got to complete a case summary for a family which we are having to report to the DA's office to have charges pressed against the parent bc she hasn't cooperated with our efforts to help her... AND her kids have missed too much school! (Yep, it's crazy!) But so I typed that up, and we meet with the DA Monday. Dorann (my supervisor, which you will probably hear me talk a lot about) and I went to one of the schools to then meet with a mom who's daughter has had head lice on and off since November! Mom is an avid lier and came across acting like she's done nothing wrong. Long story short, we think we have her and the school administration all on the same page there, and hope the child has no more occurrences with the head lice......ugh, this makes me itch!
THEN, we went to another school to talk with a single mother (who's ex husband just died) and discuessed with her the difficulties she is having with her 3 boys. The dad had custody, but since his death, she now has custody (well sorta....long story). So, we pretty much just recommended some counseling and therapeuatic care for the kids, and talked with mom. That was neat...she's really trying hard.
Glad it's friday....we were running around everywhere today! Next week will be another busy week, but I'm excited about it all! I'm having a blast.....loving life and ready to graduate!

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