Sunday, February 22, 2009


So for those who don't know, my cousin died on January 11th serving our country in Iraq. This obviously came as a huge shock for my entire family, and has been difficult especially for my aunt and cousins. I wasn't as close to him as I would have liked to have been, but that's don't realize what you want or what you have until it's gone. So, I'm not writing this to talk about his death or whatever, but to talk about how perspectives change when something so drastic happens in your life.
You see, before his death, I never looked at this war, or our freedom as anything special. I never thought about the price of our freedom, or any of that. NOW, however.....I see what freedom is all about. It's about men, women, boys, and girls fighting for us. Just as Jesus Christ came on this earth to live a perfect life, and make that sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins so we could have eternal life with are the soldiers fighting everyday to maintain our freedom in America.
I look at the American Flag differently, can't hardly sing the national anthem without crying, and can't stand to hear about someone being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. I say all of this to remind you to think about how blessed we are. Don't let it take something so personal, so close to home to hit you to realize the wonderful life we are able to live here in America. When you see a veteran, thank him or her. When you look at the American Flag, realize the glory of it, and how beautiful the meaning of it is. when you sing the National Anthem...especially that part where it says "and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air; gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there"....realize those rockets are still glaring and the bombs are still bursting. Pray for those directly and indirectly effected by that. Pray for those who have lost their sons and daughters....who had to go to the airport and see them come off the plane in a casket instead of seeing them step off that plane. You see, he was supposed to come home to visit the end of January, and we were making plans for that. Making plans for family get-togethers, and all that good stuff.
It's tough...and it was just my cousin. I hurt for my aunt, my other 3 cousins (his 3 sisters), my grandmother.....I hurt for them. Sorry this was so sad or whatever, but it's my thoughts. I think about it ALOT!!! Just had to get it off my chest.

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