Saturday, October 15, 2011

crazy dreams

So yes, this is blog #2 for the day, but I just had to write about my dream that I had last night!!

Of course it makes no sense and it's totally random, but that's what they all are when your pregnant, right?

I was at some kind of swimming event/ Bible Study (yeah, don't know how those go together) but I was swimming my little heart out. All of  a sudden, my mom comes in the door and says "Your water broke!! We have got to go to the hospital NOW!"

I was like, "omg, what??" She went on to say that apparently my doctor had called her and said that because I was swimming, I didn't realize it, but that my water had broken.

I then realized that yeah, I wasn't feeling so great and that it had indeed broken. So we RUSH to the hospital. In the mean time, Thehubs and  my dad are at their Bible study, and I guess we didn't want to disturb them until it was over. So we leave word with somebody to let them know to come to the hospital when they're finished. (yeah, like I would be that patient)

So I'm pretty sure we get to the hospital and they hook me up to the stuff and then tell me that I'm not really in labor and that everything is fine.

Either that happened or i just stopped dreaming at that point. Who knows?!?!

On another note of dreams, TheHubs told me earlier this week that he finally had a dream about littlebit. He has been saying that he hasn't had any dreams the whole time and I keep talking about the few I've had and how exciting it is. So he was ecstatic to say the lead about his dream!
He said he was holding littlebit and was bouncing him up and down in his lap. The look on Thehubs' face when talking about it is so priceless! I just can't wait to see him be a daddy!!!!!

I'm sure more blogs will be coming soon w/pics of the room- it should be 100% finished by the end of next week!!! I'm 35 weeks and 2 days now, and go weekly to the dr so we'll see when this stubborn little boy decides to make his arrival within the next 4-6 weeks hopefully. =)

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Danielle said...

Don't you just love crazy dreams? But I think it's sweet that they're about lilbit. Michael's too!! I can't wait to meet him, but I think he needs to bake a little longer!