Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Life ends so quickly. I've been reminded of that yet again today...

As I walked in the door from work, Thehubs informed me that Debbie Vines had been found dead in her office at school from a heart attack. Ms. Vines wasn't just somebody I knew from high school as the bookkeeper, but a lifelong friend of my family.
* My mom and her side of the family have known her forever it seems...
* I baby sat her grandchildren while in high school
* I was her office aide throughout high school
* She went to my church growing up
* She was in my mom's sunday school class

I think that's all the roles she's had in my life....

Good news is that I was able to see her just about 2 weeks ago when Thehubs & I went to church w/my parents....she was as cheerful and happy as ever.

I know so many are hurting much more than I am, and that's what I hurt for. Her husband, her precious 6 year old granddaughter whom she was raising....her other grandchildren....her children and other family members. I just can't imagine.

I just pray for comfort...for God to wrap His arms of love and tenderness around them. For strength to get through each day. For God's grace and mercy to overwhelm them beyond measure...
I know he is still in control and that this did not catch Him off guard. It's all in His plan, and He will continue to be God despite us feeling like life is spinning out of control.

Please say a prayer for this family....Life is a vapor- we are here one minute and gone the next....
Ms. Vines is yet another reminder of that.

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