Thursday, September 15, 2011


And so it begins.....while these past few months will be probably the slowest of my life waiting on BabyE to get here, I feel like with so much going on they will fly by at the same time.

And so the countdown begins...

3 days-- my 1st shower (B-ham)

6 days-- Thehubs & I go see Les Miserables (Not exactly baby related, but I'm excited!)

1 week, 2 days-- Thehubs & I attend our "Preparing for Parenting" class

2 weeks 3 days-- my 2nd shower (J-town)

2 weeks 6 days-- Thehubs & I attend the Breastfeeding class

3 weeks(ish)-- MATERNITY PICS :)

4 weeks 3 days-- 3rd & final shower (church)

6 weeks 4 days-- Halloween (I'll probably be painting my stomach like a pumpkin) haha

and in 9 weeks-- BabyE's due date will be here!!!!! 

So, nothing really will be going on from mid-October until he gets here. So I know those last 3-4 weeks will just creep by. 
Hoping he's a good boy and acts like he's supposed to, and doesn't give mommy too much problems between now and then. 

In nursery news: 
* His baby bed will be arriving Monday!
* My aunt has finished the bumper pad and will soon have the dust ruffle finished!
* Dresser/ night stand is being purchased & will be painted black to match the bed. 
* I feel extremely behind on the whole room-decor stuff, but it'll be done within the next month. Just in time for his arrival!!

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