Monday, September 12, 2011

ABC's of ME

I got this over at Sparing Change and thought it'd be fun to do one for myself! =)

A – Age.  24
B – Bed Size.  Full....and oh do Thehubs & I talk every night about how we can't wait to get a queen!
C – Chore I dislike.  Cleaning the shower. Really, i'll do anything else but I HATE doing that...something about having to scrub and bed over and get soaking wet.
D – Dogs.  Thehubs & I just have a cat for now. A dog will certainly come whenever we get a house.
E – Essential start to my day.  Bathroom!!! Especially since I'll all preggers...
F – Favorite Colors.  Purple has always been my favorite, but of course Red is right up there thanks to me being a HUGE Bama fan!
G – Gold or silver?  Silver
H – Height.  5'2"
I – Instruments I play(ed).  Piano. I took lessons up until I graduated high school. Sadly though, I haven't played (regularly) in almost 3 years. Once again, when Thehubs & I get a house, I'll have my piano there and can begin playing again..needless to say I'm a bit rusty!
J – Job title.  FOCUS Specialist II if you want to be specific....
K – Kids.  Well, BabyE will be arriving within the next 10-12 weeks hopefully!!
L – Live.  Apartment life for the moment. I've almost forgotten what it's like to not have neighbors all around.
M - Money tip I like best. Having an "emergency fund" of $1, has saved Thehubs & I on several occasions. However, it seems harder to get it to that amount that it is to spend it. lol
N – Never plan to…  go further into debt...ugh I hate debt.
O – Overnight hospital stays.  just one when I had jaw surgery in high school. Can't wait for my next overnight stay...having BabyE!!
P - Pet Peeves.  Oh where do I begin?? Leaving cabinet doors/drawers open, unpainted toenails, driving in the rain w/out your lights on. Those are my big ones....
Q - Quote from a movie.  "I'll love you 'till the end" -PS I Love you (technically, it's in the song, but oh well)
R – Righty or lefty?  Righty
S - Siblings.  one older brother. Unless you count my 2 sisters-in-law & 2 brothers-in-law...
T - Time I wake up. haha....thanks to my lovely job, most of the time it's around 8 or 9. I don't have a set time to be anywhere unless there's a meeting!
U – Underwear.  comfy cotton please...unless I'm trying to impress TheHubs. haha
V - Vegetables I don’t like.  any kind of peas or beans....
W – What makes me run late.  my hair....or Thehubs if he's coming along. He tends to take longer getting ready than I do!
X – X-rays I’ve had.  mouth, left arm, right shoulder, ankles....I think that's all.
Y – Yummy food I make.  Hmm....Thehubs is on a kick of wanting me to fix homemade muffins all the time. I'ld like to say that I make amazing chocolate chip cookies....and homemade apple pie. But maybe that's just bc those are classics that I've tried to perfect...
Z – Zoo animals I like.  Monkeys are usually the most entertaining. But I like the elephants too...

Do you have a blog?  If you do, consider yourself tagged!

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Danielle said...

I feel inspired! Definitely just did one for myself.