Monday, January 31, 2011


Just to be real with you real quick....I failed today. I let my pride and flesh get to me. I lost control...

I also allowed Satan's lies get to me as well. My worldly desires to have own a make more be able to have money left after the bills are paid.

God quickly reminded me that He is still in control. I need to set my hope in things above, not on earthly things. Invest in His Kingdom work instead of focusing only on materialistic things here.

Good news is that He picked me back up, wiped the dust off my behind and told me to try again.

Isn't He wonderful??

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Danielle said...

Happens to me too! Mainly when I am home by myself and am "idle", not doing much but maybe floding clothes. Satan attacks and hits where it hurts. I'm reminded of all I am NOT and what I should be. After a brief pity party, I am then gently brought back to reality by God with His comfort. It is amazing how He works :)