Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well....I just "deactivated" my facebook account. Many have asked why...

Several months ago I started getting convicted about the use of my time. My daily schedule is usually as follows:

wake up
go to bathroom
check facebook
eat breakfast (while on facebook)
read Bible
check facebook
get dressed for work
check facebook
come home
check facebook
eat supper (while on facebook)
remain on facebook until bedtime..

and YES it was that bad...

Thankfull I didn't have it on my phone. One- bc I'm cheap and didn't want to pay the extra $30 for internet. Two- I knew it would only make things worse.

So therefore, after much discussion with God and trying to quite or cut back on my own...I've given in and said ENOUGH!!

The hard part now is to fulfill my time with more productive things to glorify God....not to just find other websites and TV shows to waste my time on.
My goal is to dig in with a Bible Study...journal a lot more about what God is teaching me...and to be a better wife (which includes a variety of things).

I'll still be long as that doesn't rule my life as well. And I'll of course have my email.
It feels like of here's to night 1 of being free! lol

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Cherry Berry said...

I have to admit, having internet on my phone is not the best thing (for some reasons). I am constantly on FB whether it be my phone or the computer. And I have seriously thought about going back to a regular phone when I can "upgrade". I respect you so much for having the will power to do this.