Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anniversary weekend preview

So today marks exactly 1 year since I married the man of my dreams. While this time last year I was eagerly sitting in the living room of my parents house watching guests arrive....this year I am sitting in my own living room sick! :(

Friday morning I woke up with a slightly sore throat....had 3 visits and I noticed during my visits that my voice was going in and out. (oh no)

I brushed it off, and during my full day of work, I just kept feeling worse and worse- that "ugh, I'm really getting sick feeling, but I don't want to" feeling. Get home Friday night, cook supper and I'm out stone-cold by 9:30!
Sleep till 9am Saturday with my man, and we begin our amazing weekend that we had planned...well sorta.

Long story short (I'll spare you all the details for this blog, as I am currently drugged on meds), I endured Saturday and didn't let my sickness keep us from enjoying our day together.

Wake up today, go eat lunch, and I just couldn't go on.

So here I am...on my 1st anniversary....sick...running a fever and keeping meds in my system.

My lovely husband is taking good care of me though! As I type this, he's fixing me some fries and grilled cheese for supper! I'm watching The Princess Dairies and will probably be asleep after supper again!

I'm just glad we have many many more anniversaries ahead of us, and I'm hoping I won't be sick for all of them!

I'll post pics and give details about our night out at The Melting Pot later this week!

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Doe said...

I'm sorry you're sick! :( You didn't tell me that when I talked to you yesterday! Anyway, glad you guys got to do some stuff together! Feel better!