Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Let me just go ahead and say that I am certainly not always like this....today I was just in an extra ambitious mood I guess!

Let's see...went to work, had 3 out of 3 visits cancelled so I got home surprisingly early around 4:30!

Sat on my booty for a few minutes, then decided to do my Biggest Loser:Cardio Max DVD so I can get skinny! :)
After that, I was all energized and decided to work on our monthly budget. Did I even mention that we attempted that for the month of May, and it went much better than anticipated. I pretty much lost track mid-month on our spending, but it kept us conscious of what we bought!
So anyways, we are on month 2 of our budget and start our Dave Ramsey classes tomorrow night at church! YAY!!!!!!!!

While I was doing the monthly budget thing, I had the urge to go ahead and map out our monthly menu. I got this bright idea from my BCM director's wife from college. Every single month she creates her entire menu and has it on a dry-erase calendar on their refrigerator. I've always been inspired by that, but never had time (or the need) to do so.

So I finally did it!!!

"So what's on the menu?" you ask? Let me just tell you a few of the amazing things I'm excited about cooking!!

Chicken casserole (classic)
Portobello Panini (From Pampered Chef)
Grilled bbq chicken wraps (random recipe from Winn Dixie I think)
Homemade Pizza (my own personal recipe)
Turkey meatball subs
Cheeseburger Hoagie Subs (Pampered Chef)
Pronto Pizza Patties (ground turkey made into patties with sauce on top)
Chicken tacos (classic)
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Taste of Home)
Chicago Style Pan Pizza (Taste of Home)
and the usual stuff such as burgers, quesidillas, and breakfast will be in the mix as well!!!

I'm totally stoked, and pretty much already have my grocery lists made for each week! Now the hard part will be staying in my $250 for my monthly budget of groceries and our $75 for the month to eat out on!!!

Wish me luck!!


Cherry Berry said...

First of all... you already are skinny and you don't need to lose ANY weight. You should say you need to "tone" instead of "lose weight". Me on the other hand... I need to lose weight AND tone!!! Haha!
Secondly... some of those things on your menu sound DEE LISH OUS! Recipes!!! :-)
And thirdly... what tools or skills do you use to make your monthly budget? I need some help!

Danielle said...

Dang girl! You were ambitious! That would be waaaayyyy to much thinking for me for one afternoon. But let us know how well the monthly meny works out, as well as the budget! We tried creating a budget, but no success. Eric would have to be the one to make the budget- I think I would be a bit too liberal with the monies.