Friday, April 2, 2010


I'm sitting in my house right now looking at boxes...everywhere! Thankfully my mother-in-law came this morning and helped me ALL DAY packing. We've got pretty much everything packed except all the breakables in the kitchen. My mom will be coming in the morning with a bunch of newspapers to help finish things up.

I'm going to miss this looks very naked right now without everything on the walls, and everything packed. This was our first house. Our first place making memories as a married couple. First place we had friends over, and grilled out. First place we spent so many nights together in each other's arms. It was our first HOME!

Can't wait to see where the Lord leads us over the years. Where else we will make memories. Where we will begin adding to our family. When we will buy a house. Where we will settle down...etc. etc.

I know HE has great plans, and that He is leading our every step. I thank Him everyday for giving me such an amazing husband....I work with so many families who are falling apart. Dads and husbands who are apathetic and who just don't care about their own family. Husbands who don't communicate to their wives, and dads who don't know how to do anything but scream at their kids.

Those things make me stop and realize how blessed I am. They make me so thankful that my husband is right the opposite. He shows me his love daily, and I never have any doubts about that. I know he will be a great father one day, and will never put anything on this earth before us.

Just some thoughts.....

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