Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Slight change of plans

Well this weekend was a bit crazy! Long story short, we (Mom, my cousin, his wife, and I) moved half our stuff to the apartment Saturday, Thehubs and I later decided Sat night that we didn't want to live there for a number of reasons (safety, conditions of the apt, etc.) and then we (Thehubs, mom and dad) moved it all back to our townhouse on Sunday! (fun fun)

So I'm sitting here now in my living room looking at stacks of boxes upon boxes, waiting to hear back from another apartment complex (which is absolutely amazing) and hoping we can get moved within the next week or so...

I know it was all God's plan. We both made mistakes, and learned from them...and trust me, it will never ever be forgotten! We were able to get out of the lease at the other place with no problems, and so I know that was The Lord's provision right there!!! And we would have never considered this other place unless the circumstances were what they are....once again, God's provision!

I will certainly keep you updated on everything......especially my sanity with the way my house looks right now. I thought about posting pics of it all, but let's just say that we look like hoarders at the moment!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Danielle said...

I completely understand about keeping your sanity while everything around you is chaos :) It drives me nuts when my house isn't straightened, or (like yesterday) when I couldn't take my car or front door being yellow from all the pollen. God has a plan and purpose for everything, and He'll have you in a wonderful place soon!

Love you!