Monday, March 29, 2010

The big "M" word

I guess I have been keeping it quite for long enough....2 days is long, right!?!?

Thehubs and I will be MOVING to Hoover this coming weekend!! I'm more excited than I ever have been about any move I've made (which hasn't been many.)

I found our new apartment in the Apartment Guide book of course and they were running a special through the end of March, which is why it's a tad rushed. Thehubs isn't exactly thrilled about the quickness, but deep down I think he's excited too!

For those of you who know me and know how bad the place where we live now has gone downhill can share in this excitement! No more rats, no more drug deals (yeah, I'm pretty sure I witnessed one of those), no more scary neighbors, and no more not-having-a-landlord!! =)

The downside to it all is that Michael's drive to work will be a tad longer, I'm losing some mega storage, and my kitchen is about half the size! =(

I am about to go to the grocery store to pick up boxes they are holding for me and start packing today! YES, I'll be sorta-kinda working while I pack....gotta make some phone calls to schools and stuff today, so that's definitely easy to do while packing! lol

We will more than likely have to move everything next Sunday, which I know, is EASTER SUNDAY!!! Praise God for his son Jesus coming to die for our sins, and defeating death...however I will be praising Him this Easter by loading up a U-haul and moving.
That's possible, right?? Thehubs works EVERY SATURDAY, and in the car industry it's next to impossible to get off on Saturdays, so that's why Sun will be our move-in day. My parents and his mom are coming to help, so we'll get to spend some time with our families, which is always exciting!!!

Oh, did I mention that we'll be about 30-45 min closer to his mom and my parents!?!? YAY!!!!!!!! Now we'll only have about a 30 min drive to his mom and an hour to my parents! Doesn't get much better than that!

Pray for us as we make this big "move" that we get it all done in time! I'll post pics of our new place eventually.....don't hold me to it though!



Cherry Berry said...

So, I guess we have no excuse to come see you now that you will be living in the Ham area. LOL. We come to Birmingham pretty often! Can't wait to see it! If you need help, just let me know. I kinda owe you one since you helped Adam with all the heavy lifting when I was preggo and we moved here.

Doe said...

and closer to me!!! ;)