Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Blues and good news!

Well today is my 23rd birthday, and yet as many people say as you get older "It's just another day." If you know me at all- you know that usually I start celebrating at the beginning of the month and have at least 2 or 3 gatherings with friends and family to assure they remember! lol

This year is different. I know it is due to being married and having a full time job, but it just pretty much stinks!
I have just felt kinda down all day, thinking that I have no friends (bc I really only have 1 that I talk to regularly) and realizing that I probably won't have a party/ get-together until I'm 30! lol

But that's ok.....

I have also been REALLY emotional. And before any questions start being asked-no I'm not prego! =)
But every time somebody in my family has called or text me (that's all that's called-going back to the no friends comment earlier), I have gotten tears in my eyes and just wanted to cry! Same even when reading the comments on my fb page! What is wrong with me, people!?!? I'm supposed to be out and about, looking all cute, reminding people that it's my birthday. However, I worked for a few hours this morning, came home, took a nap and still sitting here all by myself. I guess I'm just having a pity party but that's ok, right? At least it's a party-- ha ha ha

Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about Thehubs and I going out tonight! I have a $25 gift card for Olive Garden that a client gave me for my bday and it is also valid at Longhorn. So we are going there, and hopefully getting out of there without having to pay too much! I also have 2 movie tickets to the Rave that I got from work. We get tokens for our paperwork timeliness and other things like that and I cashed in some of them for the tickets! We will be seeing "The Last Song" choice for once! YAY!

Can you say FREE NIGHT OUT?!?!

So yes, that excites me! And Thehubs will be taking me shopping at some point this weekend, as well as getting me an ice cream cake from ColdStone!!!!!!! =) He always takes me on a "shopping spree" for my birthday. He is so good and patient about picking out cute things for me to wear and helping me make those very important decisions between shoes, tops, and jeans!

But just had to blog about my birthday blues....I know I'll get over it, and I really don't want anybody to feel sorry for me, so don't. I know it's just part of getting older, and I praise God for allowing me to get older! lol

Oh and good news---- we should be out of the craziness of our current living situation by next Thursday! The move-in date did get moved back a few days, but I don't care! I'm so ready to get out of here, and would rather them get EVERYTHING right with the apartments than us move in a half-done job! Our new place with have 3 pools, 3 tennis courts, a lake/pond to fish on, a walking trail, and a fitness center!
Plans to begin working out again have already been made, and anytime you want to come visit and lay out by the pool with me, just come on over! =)

Happy Friday...beautiful day!!!


Doe said...

If I hadn't had to work today, I would totally have thrown you a birthday party!!! But it's true, they're not as fun as when they used to be when we were younger...but just wait until you're 30, then 40, then 50!!! There will be some big parties in store! :-)

Danielle said...

Heather, I have plenty of days like that. I get all emotional and don't want to get out of the house or do anything at all. Then I get mad at myself for being like that! And how sweet of Michael to take you out on your birthday :) I haven't had anything that even resembled a birthday party since I was 16 (I don't think). Its all been with family since then... this March and last I had to work on my b-day. Needless to say I made myself cupcakes to take to work :) I'm excited for the both of you getting to move into a nicer place! It'll be SO much better for you two! Love you!