Friday, March 19, 2010

Family time!

This week has been a crazy one of course! Thehub's family left to fly back to Arizona on Tuesday morning, so we finally had a quite house that evening after work. It was sorta
Let me just fill you in on all the action from the weekend!

Friday was filled with just hanging out in our PJ's all day, eating, and talking. Thehubs even got to get off work at 2, which is like a miracle in the car industry! He and the boys went to watch a movie while I had to go work for a while. (I had 1 home visit that lasted 2 hours!)

Saturday it was just me and the oldest 2 (ages 10 and 14) for most of the day. We went to the Galleria for a bit, and then came back home and played rock band and hung out. That was a blast!! I absolutely love the fact that I used to babysit them when they were ages 6 and 2, and now I'm their aunt! Had no clue that would happen 8 years ago!

Saturday night we all hung out here at the house. I cooked supper, and it was just us and the 2 kids until Sunday night! Sunday, we went to church, and then to WINTERJAM!!!

Well, before winterjam, we took a nap, and I woke up a bit cranky! From the time we were leaving the house until we got to the concert, I was snapping at Thehubs about EVERYTHING!
First, it was what time we were going to leave, then it was probably something about how slow/fast he was driving. When we got to the place, people were lined up completely around the BJCC and I wanted us to just park anywhere and hurry up and get in line. Well, Thehubs decided he wanted to drive completely around the entire BJCC before parking, to check everything out. We found the end of the line, and there was a parking lot right across the street. I wanted to park there! However, he had already picked out one on the other side of the world!!! So of course I was furious! Selfish selfish me, thinking I know everything! lol
Well, we're standing in line, and I cheer up for the 45 min of standing there until we get up close to the door.
I had won 2 tickets from 93.7 WDJC and so when I pulled them out of my purse, one of the employee guys saw them.

He was like "excuse me ma'am, they won't let you in with those tickets."
Me: "Um, yes the will.....I won them on the radio, and it's my free admission!"
Him: "Nope, not here. Those are the VIP passes, you're sup to sit on the floor, and I'll have to take you somewhere different to enter with those tickets."
Me: "Noo.....these are NOT VIP tickets, I know what you're talking about bc I heard them give them away to somebody else. These are just regular tickets...."
Him: "No ma'am....those tickets are the VIP tickets, you HAVE to sit on the floor- no where else"
Me: " Well, babe (to Thehubs), do you and D (our nephew) just want to take these tickets and get the good seats, and A and I will just find a seat ourselves.
Thehubs: "No, we are not splitting up, we are going to stay together"

(This continued for several minutes, while people behind us where going around us bc the line kept moving and we were just standing there...)

I then tried to GIVE THE TICKETS AWAY to anybody around us, but everybody else was saying the same thing--they didn't want to split up.
So Thehubs convinced me to just shut up and continue on in the line. He said we would just pay $20 more for 2 more tickets if they didn't take them.
Well, we get up to the ticket person, and guess problem in taking the ticket! I was furious once again!!! That guy was ridiculous and didn't know what he was talking about. I WAS RIGHT! lol

Well, when we're trying to find some seats in the nose bleed section, of course I get mad at Thehubs for not sitting here I want him to sit. (crazy, selfish me!) After sulking for about probably 30 minutes, I finally snap out of it and realize how ridiculous I was being!

Ok, that's all of my complaining......! It's kinda funny now. I can't help but realize how sinful I am, how easily it is to fall, and yet how quickly the Lord forgives! Thank you Jesus!

The concert was AMAZING! We were able to go back stage and meet Mac Powell, the lead singer from 3rd Day! The kids were so excited! It was pretty lame if you ask me....He just came in the room and was like "hey!" Everybody was star-struck and didn't hardly talk to him the whole time. It was funny. But we got pictures and it was great for the kids!

So then comes Monday, nothing big happened. Tuesday morning they had to leave =(

Thehubs and I slept in a little, bc he didn't have to work, and they were supposed to leave at 7:30a. I heard some of the kids crying and screaming, (which is very normal when you're trying to get them up and dressed, and out the door quickly) but I just slept through it.

Thehubs tells me later that night, that Aub (6y/o) was crying saying "I want my aunt Heather and uncle bubba!!" and "I don't want to go home" and stuff like that!
That just broke my heart! I asked Thehubs WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP!?!? He said, he didn't want to. So sad! Anyways, I miss them terribly!

We seriously need to figure out a way to fly out to AZ to visit them! Maybe sooner or later.....

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Love Unawakened said...

This was hilarious/precious!! You crack me up! Im sure you werent near as selfish as you made yourself out to be, but it definitely put a smile on my face!! :)