Saturday, March 20, 2010

smart one

So I just had to say that our furry little friend must be a genius!!!!!!

Thehubs has put a trap out 3 separate times with peanut butter on it, and the crazy thing EATS THE PB AND GETS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night, he put white cheese dip all over the entire trap, and put 2 traps side by side. Guess what happened....yep the darn mouse ate it all and got away!!

I mean, it's not even setting the traps off!

Well, today comes the mega sticky pads! Let's see how the little demon likes that! lol

On to another subject, I think my day today will be filled with a walk in the park and maybe some good ol' spring cleaning.....our closet is driving me crazy! Why can't the warm weather STAY??!?!?!

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

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