Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh the adventures!

Every time I'm in public with both kids I must have that look on my face that says "Please talk to me and tell me how sorry you feel for me." Because I am guaranteed to get at least 1 comment about how I have my hands full, and how they don't see how I survive.

Case in point, I took both kids to the doctor yesterday.

All by myself.

TheHubs usually goes with me, but he had to work, and after already having to miss an appointment, I wasn't about to reschedule again. So I started mentally preparing myself for the trip the night before, trying to think of every scenario of what could go wrong and how I would handle it.

I also had to strategically plan how we would walk there. Yes, you heard that correctly. W.A.L.K.

Now, before you think I'm absolutely insane, let me say that our pediatrician's office is located at the entrance to our apartment complex. So the walk isn't really any further than the walk to our mailbox, which we do a few times a week.
 But since EJ has gotten into mega-independant, throw-a-fit-at-everything-mode I was a little more concerned than I would have been on any other day. But I figured it out.

So I start loading them up about 20 minutes before our appointment time. EJ in the stroller and MissPriss in her front baby carrier. We were off and on schedule. 5 points for mommy!!

We arrive to the doc (6 minutes early!) and begin the waiting game. Enters comment #1.

A sweet mommy comes and sits down with her 2 angel girls...ages 2 and 3 months. Mommy was dressed in what I believe to be running attire. And the 2 girls, in little pink dresses. Smocked.

She looks at me and says something to the natures of having my hands full and that she doesn't see how I do it.
Each time this comment is made to me, I simply say that I take it one day at a time. I also try and make a point to say that I am very blessed to be in my shoes, as I know there are tons of women who would kill to have kids and can't.

She somehow got called to the back about 15 minutes before us.  I keep thinking that one day we'll get called back as soon as we walk in the door so they won't have to see/hear my child run around the waiting room.

Yep, EJ goes cR@zY when he gets out of the house these days. He stayed in the stroller long enough for me to get them signed in and fill out the 18 month questionnaire form. Then that was it. I did the swap and put MissPriss in the stroller and let him down. Chased him back and forth from the well-child area to the front door a few times. Finally, I decided to block of the entrance to the well-child area with the stroller and a chair. It worked. The sick area was pretty full and I didn't want EJ to bug them more than he already had. It was just us and a weird teenage girl with her grandma that were in there so I made the executive decision.

We got called back a bit later and the chaos THEN began. EJ wouldn't let anybody touch him. I guess he's starting to remember that he gets poked and prodded there and he doesn't like it. The sweet nurses were helpful and getting them undressed and all checked out. DrB was also great in letting me know that she's very used to the chaos. EJ pretty much screamed cried the whole time somebody was in there with us.

I even had to wrestle him like an alligator to get his diaper back on after being checked. I think I'm getting pretty good at this alligator wrestling thing. It's become a hobby of mine- toddler style.

Both kids are perfectly healthy- even EJ's eating habits of popcorn chicken & fish sticks is of no concern at this point.

EJ-- 35" long, 27 lbs
MissPriss-- 25", 12lb 13oz

After all the poking was done, we make our grand exit. I think the look I saw on the staff's faces was that of relief. I see that look a lot as we're leaving places....

Stay tuned, I have many MANY more adventures to write about this week. And it's only Tuesday!!

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Unknown said...

I love reading your adventures. I always giggle a little bit because I can imagine you chasing EJ back and forth. You're doing great little mamma!