Thursday, June 6, 2013

Big boy bed

Life has officially gotten very interesting around here. As if having two kids under 2 wasn't interesting enough. Mr. EJ decided this week to conquer the task of climbing out of his crib. He did this several months ago, and fell on his way out and didn't attempt again until yesterday. And boy did he succeed. Three times!!

We have always been so very blessed in the sleeping business with him and so we just lay him down for nap and for bed and he goes right to sleep (usually). So you can imagine our terror when we made the executive decision to turn his crib into a big boy toddler bed.

TheHubs made the switch Tuesday evening and we caught the big reveal to baby boy on video- no pics.  oops.  Night #1 in the bed was pretty scary for this mamma. I attempted to be all big and bad and make him lay down by himself, but decided after about 2 minutes that he needed me to lay down with him until he fell asleep. Yeah....that lasted an hour. 

I was beginning to be afraid that my evenings would now be spent in attempts to sneak out of the oh so uncomfortable toddler bed without waking EJ. Not to mention what I feared nap time would become. 

So Wednesday I became nap-nanny and was determined to accomplish the task of having him fall asleep by himself and stay in bed. I succeeded after an hour of "nap" time spent with him playing quietly in his room. I then let him out (he sometimes doesn't take the early nap) and we ate lunch and played a bit.  Then came the 2nd attempt to nap time.

And THIS happened!!!!!

Yep, he fell asleep all by himself!! I was so proud! Of both of us!

Night #2 went pretty flawless. I read him a bedtime story and kissed him goodnight. He followed me (crying) to the door, and I laid him back down and gave him a kiss goodnight (again). Didn't hear from him again.

However, I did hear cookie monster talking several minutes later....but then nothing. 

Tonight is night # 3 in the big boy bed and it went just the same as the 2nd. We're still working on nap times. I haven't quite decided if I should just let him play quietly (and rather sneaky) or make him stay in his bed and go to sleep.  I'll figure that part out though. 

For now, I rejoice that he's doing so great. Waking up happy and even playing in his room for a bit before I get him up (out?) in the mornings. What a big boy!

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Anonymous said...

Evan is getting to that age of only talking one nap a day. :) It is sorta sad when that finally happen, means they are growing Up.