Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spoiled rotten

I just have to say that I have the most amazing husband ever! He told me that for Christmas he wanted to take me to Belk to get some new clothes or whatever. He insisted that we go to the Galleria since that Belk is HUGE.

So we went today on our date day for Christmas. Ate lunch at J. Alexanders, which was amazing of course, and then went to the mall. When we got there, he wanted to go to the expensive section and look.
( I NEVER pay a lot for my clothes.....I get clearance, no name brand stuff.)

We looked, and I of course looked at price tags 1st, and said we needed to go to the other (CLEARANCE) section. So we did, and he got upset, and said he should have came by himself, bc he wants me to get some nice stuff.

So we went back to the expensive section. I got 2 pair of jeans and a jacket thing....

I spent much more than I normally would, but he was so happy to see me get some nice stuff. The jeans really are nice, and I know they'll last a long time. I go have to get them hemmed of course, but I'm pretty excited about having them too.

I just had to say how great he is for wanting me to have nice stuff. I never buy anything for myself, and he loves to spoil me rotten and buy me name brand stuff.

He has gotten me 2 Coach purses and a D&B purse over the years....and then the nice clothes today.

Merry Christmas to me (and my Belk card) lol

On another note, I have been falling in love with Dave Barnes and his music tonight! Never really listened to anything of his, and he is amazing! Such sweet songs!! :)

That is all.

MERRY CHRISTMAS if you don't hear from me before then....

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