Tuesday, May 4, 2010

uncreated One

As a social worker, we have rules about religion and what we are "supposed" to say and not to say about our beliefs. Well that's pretty much the case in any job these days, and I find that very sad. When I first began my job, even before I had my own case load I knew that God had me here for a purpose....that it would be easy to minister to people and share the love of Christ with them in their time of crisis.

However, as I have worked case after case, I've realized that on very few occasions have I actually shared my faith in Christ and said how powerful He is. (And this was AFTER my client's mentioned their belief in God first!) I've caught myself on a couple of occasions saying things like "Well, the power of prayer is great if that's something you believe in" and "If you're a believer...."

So that leads me to today at a conference I was at. I was in a particular break-out session on sex addiction (and let's not even to there on this one! lol) and the speaker claimed to be "spiritual" and " a believer in God" etc. etc. It wasn't until I heard him make a comment about how addicts have hope and that if your a believer in God or any other higher being then you can use that to overcome your addiction.

That got me thinking. Shamefully thinking about the many comments I have made like that.

It doesn't matter if you believe in prayer.....it works!
It doesn't matter if you believe in God's power....He is powerful!
It doesn't matter if you believe in some other higher being...GOD is the only way!
It doesn't matter if you try and try to break that addiction....without HIM you will still have that void in your life!

So why do we as Christians (and I'm mainly talking to myself here) think that we have to talk to people in a way as to try and not step on their toes or hurt their feelings?!?!?

My prayer today is that I will stop sugar-coating...and be straight forward!

May I boldly proclaim His name not only to friends and family, but to my clients...my coworkers....those at Walmart and Publix.....those who live next door.

It's not about "Oh IF you believe in God blah blah blah, THEN blah blah blah"......

No sir-ree......it's about He is who He is despite our beliefs. If you chose not to believe, then you're going to hell. Simple as that.

Our unbelief doesn't change who HE is!! He is the Uncreated One- who was and is and is to come!

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Danielle said...

Amen, sister! As an RN, we have rules as well. Sadly, I'm sure they're the same as yours. But when I know I have a patient who is (or seems to be) a believer, I don't feel so bad talking about Jesus and prayer. Normally though< I have a hard time being vocal about my faith. Your posts always encourage me so much!!! Thank you!