Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lazy days and boredom

Saturdays should be so much better than this....

Let me just vent for a minute and say how much it absolutely stinks that my husband has had to work every stinking Saturday for the past 3 years that he has been selling cars! I'm talking 8-6!
And every now and then they will change the schedules to "short Saturdays" where there will rotate shifts and he'll either work 8-4 or 10-6! (wow, so much better! NOT!)

So that means every Saturday since we've been married I have been all alone (except for the few that he has taken off for a weekend trip or family functions).

Used to, Saturday would be my cleaning days, and I would just clean and do laundry all day. Well, since moving into our new apartment for some reason I have been cleaning on Wednesdays and Thursdays after work. Which leaves my Sats open with nothing to do! Actually today is the first Saturday since we've been here that I haven't been having a yard sale somewhere! Yep-3 weeks in a row, baby! lol

Sorry about the venting, but it was much needed!

So I'm sitting here, still in my pj's....thinking about what to do!?!?

Pay Bills- maybe tonight
Work Out/exercise- maybe later
Lay Out by the pool- If I had somebody else to layout with me....
Watch PennyLane try to attack a squirrel through the glass doors to our patio- ALL DAY!
Sit here and watch TV- ALL day!!!

UGH, I really hate watching TV all day, bc since I rarely work on Fridays, that's what I do then too. So by the time Sat gets here, I'm tired of sitting and feeling all lazy.

Which brings me to another subject-sleep.
That's pretty much all I do lately! I seriously fall asleep around 9:30 or 10 and wake up with Michael around 6:45. Some days (like yesterday) I go back to sleep after he leaves and sleep until 10! Well, yesterday I sorta slept till about 10, then took another nap from about 12:30-2:30....geeze I'm lazy! Lazy...not pregnant, people! :)

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