Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life in general

I just realized this week that it's been a while since I've done an update on just our lives! That alone should tell you that nothing too exciting has happened, except that we are all moved in and settled into our new apartment. (I think I've already told you that, though)

Since the move to the new place, we decided to look for a church closer to where we are now, so we wouldn't have to drive 30-40 minutes to church. So we have been going to Valleydale. We love it! It's such an answer to prayer, because we did enjoy Calera and wanted somewhere that we would fit in and be able to serve the Lord. Doors have already begun to open. On Friday of last week I received a phone call from a lady inviting us to Sunday School. She was very nice and said that we would be in her class.
This past Sunday we went to preaching again and they were talking about their VBS tshirts for sell. They said that the proceeds go to their summer missions project and trip, but that it's a secret until VBS. Well, the tshirts say "Wild Wild West" and have a cactus on them...so let's think about where that could be?!?!

Let me back up....Valleydale is a HUGE sponsor and support of Steve and Shari (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) and the whole gang out in Arizona at Grace Fellowship. Just a few weeks ago, Shari told me that they are taking a mission trip out there in July.

So this brings us back to Sunday...I just thought it was so cool how they are supporting our family and going out to help them this summer!!!! But shhh....it's a secret at Valleydale still! lol

As I type this right now, Thehubs and I both are here at home and I'm loving just being able to spend the day with him! Days like this are few and far between! I went to my visits this morning, and have my afternoon open, so I'm doing paperwork at home! LOVE my job! :)

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up, and I don't think we are going to do anything fancy other than spend an entire weekend together. I may make us unplug the computers and turn off the cell phones so it's like we're on vacation or something! I'm just so excited....he's off that Saturday (which NEVER happens) and it's just going to be us!!!

I hope to keep you guys updated about us more, but our lives are really pretty boring at the moment! Hey...I'm not complaining though!! :)

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Cherry Berry said...

I know something that would make your life a little less boring.... It starts with a B and ends with Y. It's teeny tiny to begin with and it grows so fast!! It's full of love and joy! Can you guess what it is?! :-)