Friday, February 12, 2010

still trying

Well, I've done pretty good on my babysteps if you ask me. I've worked out 3 times this week, kept my kitchen sink shining, and have gotten dressed almost everyday.

However, right now I'm still in my pj's sitting here on the couch. I'm secretly waiting for it to start snowing so I'll actually have an excuse for being lazy. Until then, I must do some paperwork....I have a feeling Gateway won't be closing today. =(

The only steps that have been added to my routine have been to put up sticky notes around the home. I plan to do this today. I'll place one above the kitchen sink reminding me (and Michael of course) that the dirty dishes go straight to the dishwasher, and that the sink needs to shine each day!
The other sticky note will be in the bathroom reminding me to get fully dressed everyday....this is going to be the hard one for me. I can clean just fine in my pj's, but I understand the concept!

Still waiting on the snow around here, I guess we'll see if we're actually going to get some accumulation! 1 inch and I'm good to go.....the whole world will shut down!

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Cherry Berry said...

I went to the FL website the other night. I just don't think I am motivated enough... :-/ I stay in my pj's every. single. day. unless we go somewhere. It just doesn't make any sense to me to get dressed and add to the dirty clothes if I don't have to! Haha!! I know that's pitiful, but........ Anywho. I might jump on the band wagon soon. We'll see...
I'm going to post our snow pics soon.