Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wish list

So I just posted a new status on Facebook saying "Heather's Christmas wish list keeps growing, but her money tree doesn't" and I thought I should blog what exactly my wish list is. You know....just in case SOMEBODY in my family happens to read this and has the desire to purchase any one item on my list! =)

1. Shark Steam Cleaner- I registered for this and hoped someone would have purchased it for a wedding gift. I know, I was dreaming big! But our entire downstairs is ceramic time, and even are stairs and upstairs bathroom is time/wood flooring!! Hence the reason this is #1

2. Massage/ Manicure/Pedicure- I don't care where this is, or exactly what kind, I just want least a massage!!! I'll even settle for it on my birthday, which is only 5 months away!

3. Dressy Blue Jeans, or any jeans that fit (yeah, a little weight gain has happened)- I've already told the hubs about this, and he knows my size....I'd rather not post that for the world to see online!

4. These shoes- Or any that are similar.....I just can't bring myself to pay more than $20 for shoes (or any article of clothing as far as that goes...which is why I haven't bought myself the blue jeans)

5. Kitchen cart- Or once again, anything similar to this. I'm not picky, I promise!!

6. Wii Fit, Mario Cart, or Rock band for PS3. I'd take any/all of those.....

7. An entire day with my hubs, where we got to about 3 movies at the theater, and eat out and shop all day......we used to actually have time to do that back in the day!

Ok, I guess I'm finished. I started to go into my entire wish list for our house (new mattress, bed room furniture, china cabinet, etc.) , but I thought that was getting a little out of hand. Therefore, I just have my top 7 I guess you could say.

Ok, now your turn.....what's your top things on your Christmas Wish list?????

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