Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scary stuff

Wow have I been out of the "blogger loop" for a while! Let me just fill you in on a few things going on at the Hicks' house. My car is sick again, and has been for over a week. We're thinking about selling it, because we just can't stand pouring money into it all the time when it's not worth it. PLUS, we would love to have 2 reliable cars instead of 1. With that said, I'll probably be getting a new car within the next month or so. Gotta figure out all the lovely budgeting stuff first!

So while we only have 1 car, we've been car-pooling! I wake up to take Michael to work, come back home and get ready for work myself, then make sure I'm finished with my visits in time to pick him up at 7. Or on the nights when I have a late visit, I've been having to pick him up early, take him back home and THEN go to my visit.
Earlier this week, Michael told me that the car was too messy, and he would appreciate it if I would keep it cleaned for him. He went into the whole spill of how that is the only new car he's ever had, and he wants to keep it looking nice for a really long time. I guess you could say that I'm like my mother, as we both tend to leave things in the car, and let it appear as if we live in it! So I've been carrying around all THREE albums of wedding pictures (just in case somebody wanted to see them) along with jackets and other "very important" things that needed to be in the car! Well, apparently Michael didn't like that. So I agreed to clean it up this week.....more on that later.

So anyways.....yesterday was a very productive day for me. I took Michael to work and didn't have to be at my first visit until 11, and it was in Montevallo which mean I didn't have to leave until like 10:45! So instead of going back to sleep, which is what I WANTED to do, I cleaned the house. My initial thoughts were that if I cleaned it that morning, that I could take a nap when I got home that afternoon. Well, I got home around 4:30, and there was no nap for me. The wonderful wife that I am decided to clean out his car, and make it SPOTLESS for him! With the help of a $3 bottle of generic ArmorAll, my lovely DirtDevil vacuum that I got for a wedding gift, and Febreeze.... I got that car looking GOOD!!
After the car was clean I decided to go ahead and get some stuff done upstairs. Well, as I'm standing in our front bedroom, I see flashing lights. My first reaction, is "Oh, it's the cops again."

I guess I should put in a plug here that the Chilton County Sheriff's Department know our neighbors very well. The couple that live beside us fight often, and he's extremely verbally abusive towards her. It's quite sad. So it's nothing out of the ordinary for us to come home to cop cars in the parking lot.

So I see the flashing lights, and I realize that it's not the cops, but it's a Fire Rescue truck, and an Ambulance. Then my next thought is, "Oh my gosh, he's beat the crap out of her." So the nosy caring person I am decides that the trash just HAS to go out so I can see what's going on. Well, when I get outside, they're wheeling some old man out on the stretcher, and the guy that lives on the end (we'll call him Joe) said that it was his dad and he was having bad Gallbladder pain/problems. Joe then asked if he could speak with me when I got back from the dumpster, that he had something to talk with me about. So I proceeded to the dumpster.-knowing that he's going to ask me about the lovely couple (we'll call them Sue and Larry) that live between us. So I go back to Joe's door, and he then asks if we heard any clanging or banging the previous day (which was Thursday). I tell him that I was in and out all day, and didn't get home until 9, and Michael didn't get home until 7. He said ok, and tells me the following sorry....

I called Sue's phone Wednesday to let her know that I had $100 to give her to help get her car fixed. When I was on the phone with her and told her all of that all she said was "okay" and then immediately hung up the phone. Later that day, Larry called me back on that number, which was my work phone, and asked what company that was and asked what my name was and everything. I just hung up, but he called back 2 or 3 times, and I kept hanging up. So Wednesday night when I got home, Larry told me that I was to NEVER call any of his phones again, or he would blow my F-ing brains out. He kept saying that, and then asked me if I didn't believe him, and he started walking towards me saying that he was serious.
So I went to work yesterday, and when I got home last night I could tell somebody had tried to break in my house (and he showed me his door hinge from where the screws were out) and I think it was Larry. So I called the cops, but they said it was my word against his word, and they couldn't do anything about the threat he made towards me or the break-in attempt.

After he told me all of that, and a few more details......I went back to my townhouse realized that his whole time my door was left unlocked and I wasn't to where I could keep an eye on it, so I grabbed my keys and purse and left. I just didn't have an easy feeling about going back in there by myself. I called Michael and explained to him what was going on, and told him I was coming to pick him up, that I would just be early.
Oh, and Michael had plans to go out with his friends last night, so I was planning on enjoying an evening to myself. Plans were quickly changed, and my lovely friend Doerun saved me! We ended up going out to dinner and dollar movie!

Well the evening was great, got intruders, and got a great night's sleep.

Fast forward to just a few minutes ago...

I'm sitting here on the computer, home alone once again....and somebody knocks on my door. So I go peek out the window (bc our stupid peek hole is only about a foot too tall for me) and see that it's Larry. I'm freaking out, and I decide not to open the door. I then realize that my blinds in the kitchen are open, so I walk very quietly to the kitchen and close those blinds just in case he walks around to the back door.

He goes away....

5 minutes later, he comes back and knocks very LOUDLY, so I'm like well crap, let me just see what he wants. I try to call Michael very quickly so I could be on the phone when I open the door. No answer there.....So I peek my head out the door, and.....

Larry: "Hey, is your husband home?"
Me: "WHAT?"
Larry: "Is your husband at home?"
Me: "Um....nope"
Larry: "Ok, thanks"

And I QUICKLY shut the door and lock it!

So I'm thinking "why in the world would he want to know if Michael is at home? Is he stalking me now? Did he really need Michael? Can I even go back outside without being scared?"

So right now, I'm still locked in my house, a little freaked out by everything going on, and wondering how we can afford to move somewhere else. I just really don't want to live somewhere I'm scared to walk outside to my mailbox.....

Lovely story, huh??
Now I'm gonna grab lunch in town, and come lock myself back inside to watch the game!

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather with your windows raised, and blinds open a little more that I am! =)


Cherish and Adam said...

Wow! That is so scary! I have lived in several places in Tuscaloosa where I was afraid to leave my apt because my neighbors scared me... I will say a prayer... Hopefully yall can find another place to live soon.
And I couldn't help but laugh about the what Michael said to you about keeping his car clean. Adam made a comment to me one time about me making his truck look like a landfill and a "family car" with the stains in the carpet from spilled drinks and such. LOL. Tell him just wait until you have kids! HA!

Doe said...

Except you came to my house to watch the game instead :) Hehe!