Friday, September 18, 2009


Several weeks ago, I submitted an application for the Birmingham News LifeStyle's Featured Wedding story that they have each Sunday. I had to answer questions about how Michael and I met and our 1st date, 1st kiss, how he proposed, etc. etc. By the way, our story is pretty amazing, so if you've never heard it, just ask and I may just have to post a blog about everything!
ANYWAYS..... Last week, I received a call from the lady, and she said that she is very interested, and that she is going to publish our story! I am soooooo excited! I always read that article everytime I get a Sunday paper, and I've always wanted it to be about me....and now it will be!
She did say that it won't be published until early 2010 because of all the other summer weddings that she received ahead of mine. But I don't care...I'm just thrilled!!

I'll let you all know when it will be published. She said she was going to call me the week before to let me know, that way I won't have to keep wondering each week. So you'd BETTER get that paper when I tell you about it....Michael and I will be FAMOUS! (Well, sorta!)


Amanda Mae said...

How exciting!! Can't wait to see it :o)

Cherish and Adam said...

Hey, that's pretty cool! Can't wait to read it!