Saturday, August 15, 2009

God-given Saturday!

I'm beginning to realize how much Saturdays are a blessing from God! This week has been extremely amazing, but I've been really busy at work! I opened FOUR new cases...that's right, I went from having juts 1 open, to 5!!! So that means I have all the inial paperwork/treatment plans/ Intake reports to do over the next two weeks times four! It's part of the job, so I'm not complaining...I'm actually a little bit excited. At least I can't say I had a boring day a work anymore!
I also scheduled my Social Work License Exam last week. I'll be taking it this week..... I would say exactly when, but I really don't want everybody calling me that day asking about it. Therefore...just PRAY for me now!! Pray that I will be taking in the last few things I have to study, and this week, that I will remember those things, and be calm during the test. I'll get my results back as soon as I hit the button "Finish Test" so I'll be posting afterwards I'm sure! I feel pretty confident, I'm just really nervous! I trust the Lord will give me wisdom, and it's all in His hands! I've done my part of studying for the past 2 months, and will be reviewing stuff over these next several days, now I just have to take the 170 question test, and make a score of at least 70%!!

I guess that's about all for now.
I'm about to spend my Saturday cleaning my house (which is very much needed) and studying! =)
There will probably be a nap in there somewhere, and several periods of screaming at PennyLane for an array of things. And the best part.....tonight, Michael and I are just hanging out here together! I didn't get home till 8 on Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday...and I had a girls night Wednesday, so we really haven't spent much time together this week. =(
I'm going to rent us a few movies and cook supper (which I haven't done all week) and just RELAX!!

Church day is tomorrow, that's always exciting! I think we're getting ready to join soon, but we want to get to know some of the people some more. Then tomorrow afternoon, Michael is going to the movies with his guys, and I'll probably study! fun fun!

Ok, off to enjoy my God given Saturday! Hope you do the same!

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