Friday, July 31, 2009

Awesome parents!

So I just got back from hanging out with the parents today. I love my job and how the hours are so flexible! I've been studying A LOT lately, and plan to continue to study A LOT, preparing for my test that I hope to take in a few weeks....and good news is, is that I can count those hours as work time! YAY! So anyways....THAT is why I just got home from a day with mom and dad.
We went and toured the winery in Calera (which took a total of 20 minuntes) and then met my brother in Pelham and had lunch with him at O'Charleys. That was sooo good, but now I'm stuffed!
I just had to post this saying how wonderful my parents are! They are so in love with each other and it shows! After almost 27 years of marriage, they actually LIKE to go out don't hear of that much these days! They always come out this way and take us out to eat (which is amazing) and I always love hanging out with them!!
Now I MUST go and study some more before I enjoy my Friday night by going on a home visit! The family canceled last night's session and asked to reschedule for tonight. There are 2 teenage kids and a dad. I asked the dad if the kids realized that they would have to spend their Friday night with me if they canceled....needless to say, we're meeting at 6:30! =( That's ok though, because once job is amazing and I work whenever I want pretty much!

Hope everybody has enjoyed their rainy Friday! I wish I could just sleep ALL DAY LONG, maybe it'll be like this tomorrow and that's just what I might have to do!

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Tanya said...

Hey! It seems like everyone in the blogger world is taking a break. It's been very slow. Anyways, glad you were able to spend time with your awesome parents. Good luck studying and good luck on your test. Take care!!