Friday, July 24, 2009

Big kid now

So I FINALLY finished up with all the training and stuff that I had to do at work in order to have my own cases. I've been working since May 18th and pretty much just shadowing people on visits and trying to get familiar with what I'd be doing. They do the training at the beginning of every month, but since I got married June 6th (for those who just happened to have forgotten that =0 ) and couldn't complete the June training....therfore I had to wait till JULY!
So anyways, now I'm all finished and ready to get out there on my own! (sorta) I did get assigned my first case, but haven't been able to arrange everything with the DHR worker to meet the family yet. I hope to be officially opening it next week, so that should be exciting! Also, I get to fill in for a co-worker who is going to be on vacation the beginning of next week. So I got to meet all of his families this week, and will be having sessions with them next week. We went over the stuff I'll be doing with them, which consist of anger managment with one mom, domestic violence info with another mom (who just got out of a 10+ year abusive marriage), and stress management with the 3rd mom. 5 families is the typical case load, so I'll be prob be opening another case for m;y co-worker and then opening my own.
Pretty much I'll get to taste what it will be like when I have a full case load...which will be in a few weeks I'm sure. Neeless to say...I'M A BIG KID NOW (at least I feel like it!)
I'm also trying to stay on task with studying for the Social Work Licensure test, which I hope to take in August. I have a study guide that's about oh, 3 or 4 inches thick, and I've been studying since the week after our honeymoon! I'm pretty scared about it, but I know God will help me remember everything! Once I get that, I'll be EXTREMELY RELIEVED because my job will then be secure. It's a requirement to have your license within 6 months of employement...I have till November! So please, PLEASE pray I pass on the 1st go's not a cheap test either!

Oh, I don't think I've mentioned on here that we got a cat! Meet PennyLane! She's pretty
adorable. I'm not much of a cat person, but I like her! You'll probably be hearing more about here later. Recently, she's figured out how to get on the counter tops, in the laundry room (which is pretty much the washer and dryer with doors in front of it), hide under the bathroom sink, get in the TOP of the closet and knock down purses and such....and the one that has made me scream at her and throw her out of the bed room: climb up the plastic bag that my wedding dress is hanging in!! Needless to say, she's a character!

Well, I'll wrap up by saying that I miss my husband! He's been gone ALL DAY helping one of his friends move from the middle of nowhere over by columbiana, to hoover! He left this morning at 7:15 and still isn't home!!!! =(
I think this his the longest we've been away from each other since we've been married! I mean, we usually are both home by 7 or 7:30 at the lastest.....I didn't realize how used to that I was until now! I love him and want him home with me.....
Plus I'm hungry, he told me about an hour ago to go ahead and's still waiting! =(
I know he's trying his best to get here, it's just been a long day without him!

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Tanya said...

Good luck with your job. I will pray that things will go good for you. I will also pray for you to pass that test. I can tell how much it means to you.

It is hard when our husbands are not around much. Just think about the ladies who can't see their husbands for a year or so. I could not imagine.