Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life's demands

So my car is broken....again! It's not that it absolutely won't crank, it's just that it doesn't want to, AND when I try to accelerate, it acts like it doesn't want to go.....like it feels like there's a skip in the gas or something wierd. So in the meantime, Michael's work looked at it and did the little diagnosis test thing and like 3 things are wrong with it. For them to fix it, it would cost like 7 or 800 dollars! Michael has a friend who has a friend (ha ha, but seroiusly) who fixes cars, and this friend can get the parts at cost or whatever. So what I'm hoping is that when he takes my car to the friend of a friend (confusing, huh?) that he will be able to fix it for much MUCH cheaper....like $700 cheaper!! (yeah right) So then I'm thinking about the fact that this is the 3rd time in less than 8 months that my car has been in the shop, and my parents forked out close to a grand 8 months ago, and Michael forked out about a hundred in May.....so my question is.....if we spend the $700 now or whatever it's going to cost....are we going to be in the same boat again in a few months?????
Uuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh...........why can't life be so perfect?!?!
On another note, Carnival STILL hasn't refunded our money from our cruise that we never went on, and that we canceled the beginning of MAY! Hopefully that money will be coming in soon, and what was planned to be used on purchasing a new mattress and putting the rest in savings will more than likely be used to fix my piece of crap car or put a down payment on a new one.
Sorry if I sound like I'm complaining....I guess I am sorta, so I'll get on to another subject. Something more positive....spiritual....what I usually write about anyways.

A good friend from Mt. Vernon gave me the book "The power of a praying wife" before we got married and told me to read it about a month or two into our marriage, once we got settled down. So I started reading it this week along with another book Michael had here at the house called "The pursuit of holiness" and let me tell you that I have felt the voice of the Lord speak to me and seen the schemes of Satan try to pull me down all in the same moment. I've learned AGAIN that Satan hates to see children of God get on fire and determined to make a difference in their life. As I've been praying that God will be the center of my life, Michael's life and our marriage, he has thrown so many darts at me to make me ill or whatever. Life is wonderful.....as far as the marraige is going so don't start thinking that just because I'm in prayer over something that there is a problem. That's my point....don't you think we should pray about it BEFORE it becomes a problem? I'm determined to have a marraige glorifying to God and honoring to him everyday. I want to be that wife who is still so goo-goo-eyed over her man 15, 20, even 50 years from now! I love Michael with all that I am, and I want to life him up in prayer everyday (hence the book).
I just realize that the Lord test you and Satan tries to bring you down. It's only by the grace of God that I am even where I am today. I'm so blessed, so thankful. As I think back to the earlier part of my post, I realize that my little car problem is so stupid. I mean, there are people out there who don't even have a car....or who don't have a home either! I think I can handle having to take Michael to work and pick him up (while he so graciously lets me drive his car everywhere) until we get something figured out! (oh how selfish I can be sometimes!)

Well, I guess I've rambled enough....off to pick up prince charming!


Amanda Mae said...

I'm sorry about your car troubles...hopefully something will work out!!

I will have to get those 2 books that you mentioned...I definitely need to make prayer a priority rather than just doing it when I "need" to.

The Groves' said...

i just love reading your spiritual blogs! i also want to get those books! and i'll be praying about the car situation and the Carnival situation! hope it all gets resolved soon!! love you!