Friday, May 3, 2013

Adventures of EJ

Where in the world does the time go? It seems like yesterday I was giving birth to my firstborn. Then I blinked a few times, and now I'm sitting here with my (almost) 3 month old in my lap, and an (almost) 18 month old in his bed sleeping. is surreal.

Let me just talk (write?) about Mr. EJ and catch up on what all he has been in to here lately. He is absolutely a mess pot. Nothing he does surprises me; I just have to laugh at most of it to keep from having a melt down and crying.

About a month ago, I was determined to take both of the kids to library toddler story time. What in the world was I thinking, I don't know, but I did it. We get there (all in one piece) about 10 minutes before story time, so I went and plopped down at the back of the rug-which I assumed would be the back of all the other people that would come later. Well, you know what happens when you assume things....

MissPriss did great- she just looked around everywhere in her car seat and didn't make a peep. EJ on the other hand, well he had to go check out the cabinet at the front of the room that contained music equipment and open and close the doors a few times. He also found an outlet protector thing, which he loves to play with at home.
Story time started, and I was just hoping he would somehow miraculously sit still and be good. WRONG! He did like the song they sang at the beginning. All the other kids and mothers knew the words and motions, and I went right along with it, helping EJ do the motions and pretending to know exactly what was going on. Well, I was never really good at pretending...

So EJ then decided he needed to go look out the door that was at the front of the room, and he sorta kinda wanted to help the teacher, but was scared to get to close to her. So he just kept going to the front of the room back to the dog-blessed cabinet.  I kept getting up and weaving through mothers and their goody-two-shoes little "toddlers" to get my child.

 (By the way, shat kind of toddlers sit still for 20 minutes? NOT MINE!)

After about the 3rd time of retrieving my son, I decided it was time for us to go. So I made my way back through the MIDDLE of the crowd of 25-30 mommies and their oh-so-perfect children, and got my daughter (whom I may have just left in the middle of the room) and we left.
Needless to say, the librarian at the back of the room gladly held the door open for us as we made our grand exit.

I laughed on the way home thinking about how great of a story I have to tell.

We haven't returned.

Here's another good one for you. And trust me, I don't make this stuff up.

One morning I went to get him out of bed only to find that he had taken off his pants & diaper. I walk in to find a 1/2 naked boy grinning from ear to ear. A drenched diaper and some poo in the floor. Yep, had to laugh....

Going to church has been yet another adventure. He now knows where we are when we walk in the door. He wraps himself entirely around my leg, as I attempt to walk, all the while also carrying MissPriss and her suitcase bag. I'm afraid before long, he's going to figure it out when we drive up, and refuse to get out of the car.

He hates it. Which, I understand because it's the only time he's away from family. I mean, we just drop him off and run for it. He screams bloody murder as he ladies so graciously take him and care for him while we go to the service. They have informed me that he is doing a little better. Thank God! He apparently let them change his diaper without screaming. (Didn't know he had gave them a fuss about that...) She also said he stops screaming a little sooner each week, which is progress.

This past week, they got out play-dough for the kiddos to play with. Well, EJ apparently found it more entertaining to play with the containers, making sure each of the lids were on them. He put the lids on and off the entire time instead of playing with the play-dough. Poor child....

Some of his "normal" favorite things to do here lately are turning on and off the light switch, throwing toys over the safety gate into the kitchen, opening and closing any kind of container, and of course closing any and every door in the house.  He's also started taking wipes or napkins and "cleaning" things. That's pretty adorable actually.

I swear he's OCD....if he sees that I've left a door cracked, he has to ruuunnnnn real quick and close it.

We now have a bedtime routine down pat. I'm sure everybody's routine goes as follows:
Go into bedroom, he has to close the door behind us (of course), pick up all of his stuffed animals and throw them into his crib one by one (takes, closes closet doors, then gets into bed. Before we leave the room, he's trowing out his stuffed animals until it's just him and his blankey. The beloved blue blankey. Heaven forbid when that thing starts to deteriorate. Good thing we have 2 that are just alike!

Every day is certainly an adventure. I often say that if DHR gets called on us from something happening to MissPriss, that I promise it will be from the abuse she received from EJ not me or TheHubs. She has been hit, slapped, stepped on and sat on...and survived it all so far. She's one tough cookie. More on her (and her high maintenance prissiness) later.

Until then...

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