Friday, December 16, 2011

2 weeks

EJ had his 2 week checkup on 12/1/11. Thehubs had planned to go with us of course, but due to unforeseen work circumstances, he wasn't able to. Which meant I was left responsible for getting this 2 week old baby up, dressed, in the car, to the doctor in Hwy 280 rush hour traffic, and in the doctor's office by 9am!! And with a 9 lb baby, that's not so easy when my body was still healing and I wasn't supposed to even be lifting anything over 10lbs. Let's just say I broke that rule that day!

But...I'll go ahead and say WE SURVIVED!! Of course we did! And boy did I feel like supermom that day! I felt like I needed some kind of award after that day or something.

We actually made it to the doctor only about 10 minutes late, which I thought was milestone #1 considering  I pulled over twice and was going to give him a bottle I had prepared for him. Both times I pulled the car over, he immediately calmed down and went to sleep. Guess he's not a fan of 280 traffic either! lol

Everything went very smoothly in the doctor's office. He checked out to be a perfect baby boy....which I already knew!

Height- 22 1/2 inches....95th percentile
Weight- 9 lbs 13 1/2 oz....75th percentile
Head- 14 3/4....50th percentile

Everybody kept saying that it looks like we have a basketball player on our hands! Stayed tuned for the ONE MONTH update....let's just say that this boy is certain to be playing sports of some sort with his weight and height!

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